What is the correct spelling for ANROID?

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Correct spellings for ANROID

  • abroad March told him what he had forgotten to tell him the day before, though he had been trying, all through their excited talk, to get it in, that the Dryfooses were going abroad .
  • acrid Unlike Lydie, he was quite unconscious of the beauty of this August day: neither the birds nor the acrid scent of late summer flowers appealed to his fancy, and the clump of young beech trees only interested him in so far as he hoped to find Lydie there, alone.
  • adroit "And by this adroit move you obtained your object: you became the favorite of my father the king.
  • aeneid He adopts and adapts; and as far as the criticism of Virgil was concerned, his Preface and his notes are a refreshing plea for something that he felt had not been sufficiently emphasized in the Aeneid : the ever-varying energetic passion that Longinian criticism had claimed was an essential quality of the greatest literary works.
  • afraid No, I was not afraid .
  • android The Miami Herald reviewer Bill Cosford would write in 1984, after the movies tour of the festival circuit in 1982 and 1983, "Android has gained something of a cult reputation already, largely on the strength of its success on a shoestring budget.
  • anode Aluminum, tantalum and niobium electrolytic capacitors are named after the material used as the anode and the construction of the cathode (electrolyte) Polymer capacitors are aluminum, tantalum or niobium electrolytic capacitors with conductive polymer as electrolyte Supercapacitor is the family name for: Double-layer capacitors were named for the physical phenomenon of the Helmholtz double-layer Pseudocapacitors were named for their ability to store electric energy electro-chemically with reversible faradaic charge-transfer Hybrid capacitors combine double-layer and pseudocapacitors to increase power density Silver mica, glass, silicon, air-gap and vacuum capacitors are named for their dielectric.
  • anti In September, Dr. Bowring and Colonel Thompson, two distinguished Benthamites, started the Anti -Corn-Law crusade, by forming, in a small meeting at Manchester, an Anti -Corn-Law Association.
  • arid In some regions the ground-water level may be nearly at the surface, and in others, especially where arid , it may be two thousand or more feet down.
  • arnold Arnold recognized it directly.
  • around Iris came round, and sat up, looking wildly around .
  • enid "He means that he still thinks me engaged to him," said Enid , the color hot in her girlish cheeks.
  • inroad Not long before my arrival they had made an inroad into a suburb of Manila, and engaged with the military in the highways.
  • nereid 21 Steering their rough course o'er this boisterous main, Form'd in a ring beneath whose waves The Nereid train in high-arch'd caves Weave the light dance, and raise the sprightly song, Whilst whisp'ring in their swelling sails Soft Zephyrs breathe, or southern gales Piping amidst their tackling play, As their bark ploughs its wat'ry way Those hoary cliffs, the haunts of birds, among, To that wild strand, the rapid race Where once Achilles deigned to grace.
  • unread
  • untrod
  • And This is up to me, and you'll just keep right out of it.
  • Ingrid Gustaf Bergman (1898–1971), Swedish boxer Gustav Bergman (1872–1962), Canadian politician Henry Bergman (1868–1946), American actor Hjalmar Bergman (1883–1931), Swedish author Ingrid Bergman (1915–1982), Swedish actress Ingmar Bergman (1918–2007), Swedish stage and film director Jaime Bergman (born 1975), American model and actress Jack Bergman (born 1947) Former United States Marine Corps lieutenant general, U.
  • Andrei Butcher of Prague: Reinhard Heydrich (1904–1942), German World War II Nazi official and one of the main architects of the Holocaust Butcher of Rangoon: Sein Lwin (1923–2004), Burmese brigadier general and briefly President of Myanmar (Burma) Butcher of Riga: Eduard Roschmann (1908–1977), Austrian SS officer and commandant of the Riga ghetto during 1943 Butcher of Rostov: Andrei Chikatilo (1936–1994), Soviet serial killer Butcher of Samar: Littleton Waller (1856–1926), US Marine Corps officer Butcher of the Somme: Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig (1861–1928), British First World War field marshal Butcher of Uganda: Idi Amin (c.
  • INRI

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