What is the correct spelling for API?

If you have misspelled "api", don't fret! Here are some possible correct suggestions for this commonly mistyped term: "app, ape, apt, air, aim" and many more. Remember to double-check your spelling to ensure accurate communication, especially in the world of technology and programming.

Correct spellings for API

  • ai AI technology is advancing rapidly and has the potential to revolutionize many industries.
  • ali Ali is my older brother.
  • AP I need to score high on my AP exams to be considered for admission to my dream college.
  • APB They are investigating a possible APB for the suspect.
  • ape The zoo had a large ape exhibit that was always a popular attraction.
  • apia
  • Apo Apo is a title of respect given to elders and respected individuals in Filipino culture.
  • APP I need to download a language learning app to help me improve my skills.
  • apr My credit card's APR is 18%.
  • apt She was an apt student and easily understood the concepts.
  • cpi The average CPI in the U.S. is around 2.7%.
  • pi In mathematics, pi is a constant representing the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.
  • UPI I sent the money through UPI, and it got delivered instantly.

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