What is the correct spelling for APLAUSE?

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Correct spellings for APLAUSE

  • ablaze In a few moments the pine needles are ablaze.
  • alas But in the emancipation, the progress, and alas!
  • alias "You are from Montreal," said Mr. Staples, alias John Armstrong.
  • aloes Drew most of the way home, cows, aloes, trees, women's figures, men's ditto, dogs, goats, palms, etc.
  • amylase
  • apace The sugar-cane grows apace.
  • appease Indeed, on the next Michaelmas day, desiring to appease the murmurings of certain persons, he appointed him who had been formerly sub-cellarer to be cellarer, and he ordered some other man to be named sub-cellarer; the aforesaid clerk, nevertheless, remaining with them, and managing all things as before.
  • applaud I beg you to seat yourselves, he said, and for reasons which I have already explained, I trust that you will not applaud any of my remarks.
  • applauder
  • applause I had proved myself to myself, with no thought at the time of any worldy applause.
  • appose
  • appraise
  • apprise Apprehensive that this act of intervention on our part might be viewed as a violation of our neutral obligations incurred by the treaty with Denmark and of the provisions of the act of Congress of the 20th of April, 1818, I directed that no further aid should be rendered by any agent or officer of the Navy; and I instructed the Secretary of State to apprise the minister of the German Empire accredited to this Government of my determination to execute the law of the United States and to maintain the faith of treaties with all nations.
  • apse
  • atlas
  • elapse
  • laplace It should be remembered that all degrees of arithmetical aptitude are found in the human races, from the genius of a Newton and a Laplace to the absolute inability of certain of the Hottentots to count to three.
  • naples
  • palace
  • palsy
  • parlous Though contracted to its last letter, a word still asserts its existence; but when even the last letter has vanished its state is parlous indeed.
  • place
  • plaice
  • please
  • plus
  • pulse
  • upraise
  • Apollos Happily, at that time Greek art was still, if I may use the phrase, easily handled: it was as simple as walking down a museum- gallery lined with pleasant familiar Venuses and Apollos.
  • Plays
  • apples
  • maples And life, for a breath, stood bathed In a wonder crowned with pain, And immortal the moment hung; And I know that the thought of you There at the shadowy window, And the matted black of the maples, And the sunset call of a bird, And the sad wide reaches of silver, Will house in my haunted heart Till the end of Time!
  • applauds
  • appeals
  • applies
  • pleas
  • opals
  • airplanes
  • allays
  • palls "Plodding along the lauded beaten track now and then palls on one, and it isn't the least bit easier than the other.
  • plies
  • ALES
  • parlays
  • appliques
  • appalls I tell you frankly, Julia, when I close the eyes of my heart, when I shut you from my gaze, this sacrifice appalls me.
  • pales
  • academicians
  • asudden
  • bluechip
  • co-axed
  • co-axing
  • co-coon
  • co-unties