What is the correct spelling for ARE7?

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Correct spellings for ARE7

  • ace You meet with terror, you draw the ace I rule the world the rats that race – Hatred by manowar
  • acre
  • age Black is turnin' gray, patches of his age Reflectin' from the glasses, a pass of every page – His Dream by asher roth
  • ale She baked me my bread, she brewed me my ale, She sat by the fire and told many a fine tale. – The Clever Hen (Mother Goose rhyme) by Unknown Author
  • ape A sort of semi-human shape Suggestive of the man-like Ape ." – Three Voices, The by Lewis Carroll
  • ar Handgun on the hip you know I got the AR High profile from the hood on the radar – Still Hatin by jadakiss
  • ara For their peerless friendship raised them to the ranks of the martyrs, at any rate, at Mortara and Novara, where, according to the Legend, they died.
  • arc The stars rise, the moon bends her arc, Each glow-worm winks her spark, – Goblin Market by Christina Georgina Rossetti
  • are Four things greater than all things are, -- Women and Horses and Power and War. – The Ballad Of The King's Jest by Rudyard Kipling
  • area Ain't no mums in my area Can't go to your place Cos your mum's hysteria You want to bring some of your friends – Partyline 555-On-Line by five
  • ares BuT We aLL No MY CHaT WiLL HaV u SeeiN STaRS u SaY uR CReW MeRKS BuT aV u HeRD aReS – War by marki
  • ark Like pies, in whose entombed ark All fowl crowd downward to a lark, – A Fly Caught In A Cobweb by Richard Lovelace
  • arm "Now tell me, had you rather be," I said. and took him by the arm, "On Kilve's smooth shore, by the green sea, Or here at Liswyn farm?" – Anecdote For Fathers by William Wordsworth
  • art That I may catch thy melting art, For surely that wad touch her heart, – To The Wood-Lark by Robert Burns
  • ate Pretty pictures of things we ate We are only what we hate – Inaudible Melodies by Jack Johnson
  • awe I moved on in a surging awe Of inarticulateness At the pathetic Me I saw In all his huge distress, – The Wind Blew Words by Thomas Hardy
  • axe Well, I start swingin' with my trusty axe And suddenly that oak tree cracks – Careless With The Truth by Unknown Author
  • bare An' our Lodge was old an' bare, But we knew the Ancient Landmarks, An' we kep' 'em to a hair; An' lookin' on it backwards – The Mother-Lodge by Rudyard Kipling
  • care Now all whom varied toil and care From home and love divide, In the calm sunset may repair Each to the loved one's side. – Datur Hora Quieti by Sir Walter Scott
  • dare Or a human heart would dare, On the quaking turf of the green morass He crouched in the rank and tangled grass, Like a wild beast in his lair. – Slave In the Dismal Swamp, The by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • fare I had no fear but the seas were clear as far as a sail might fare Till I met with a lime-washed Yankee brig that rode off Finisterre. There were canvas blinds to his bow-gun ports to screen the weight he bore, And the signals ran for a merchantman from Sandy Hook to the Nore. – The Rhyme Of The Three Captains by Rudyard Kipling
  • hare And that he changed into a hare. Hanrahan rose in frenzy there – The Tower by William Butler Yeats
  • ire That was undoubtedly the point of vantage, but The Powhatan was a much dreaded werowance and they dared not risk his ire .
  • mare Bad blood it got your mare The rats have got your flour – There's seven people dead by Bob Dylan
  • ore Whilst Lesbia, fair and handsome too all ore, All graces and all wit from all hath bore. – De Quintia Et Sesbia. Ep. 87 by Richard Lovelace
  • pare So I didn't care, as you walked away I was stare At your bottom in apple bottoms, your waist was shaped like a pare – Grown And Sexy by chamillionaire
  • rare
  • re Qui r?vent un jour d'conna?tre une vie p?p?re On a pas tous la chance de vivre dans l'bonheur. Chez nous les fr?res meurent les m?res pleurent, Les tipeux ont la rage au c?ur, pas tous la chance d'?tre – On N'a Pas Tous La Chance by Fabe
  • tare
  • ware Cockrell looked at Mr. Ware , whose eye showed the battling spark as he nodded.
  • Ave "You know that I must go back," said Antonino, in what he intended as a tone of indifference; "I will wait for you till the Ave Maria; if you do not come then, it will be all the same to me."
  • Aye The rest of them called, "Aye."
  • Ere I may need them ere long.
  • Abe Abe began to yell.
  • Rae The men hurried away, and in a few minutes presented to the astonished eyes of the Scouts their old acquaintances and quasi-enemies, Dublin, Limpy Rae , and Monkey Rae .
  • ARR Charlie Is My Darling" (Robert Burns, arr.

4 words made from the letters ARE7

  • 3 letter words made from ARE7:

    are, ear, era, ra7.