What is the correct spelling for ARGEW?

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Correct spellings for ARGEW

  • ag Br is dissolved and Ag is deposited.
  • agar All this Agar had carried out to the letter; but some one else had failed somewhere.
  • age Each past twenty-five years of age.
  • aged "Very well, middle-aged if you like; I don't know her personally.
  • ago 1684. Was that long ago?
  • agree 5831. Did they agree to do that?
  • ague He was wet to the skin and aching; his teeth chattered with an ague; his legs were so weary that he could scarcely drag them along.
  • alger But other pronouns than relatives, agree with their nouns in person; so that his first alteration was not for the better, though Ingersoll, Kirkham, Alger, Bacon, J. Greenleaf, and some others, have been very careful to follow him in it.
  • anew If she had to face all the horrors of her life anew for it, would she flinch from one of them, only to hear that the heart that had stopped its beating would beat again, that the voice that was still would sound in her ears once more?
  • anger Manning stared at him, and the expression on his face was not quite anger.
  • arc There's nothing to maintain an arc.
  • are Lee, where are we?
  • area But she never could find any in the New York area that seemed to offer any hope.
  • argo Argus the master was on the ship, seeing to it that the last things were being done before Argo was launched.
  • argon Lisette And, I alone am going to find Mr. Argon.
  • argos In the pleasant land of Argos, now a place of unwholesome marshes, once upon a time there reigned a king called Acrisius, the father of one fair daughter.
  • argot His family had, however, remained in London even after it had grown rich and not retired to the country, like so many "warm men" to use the eighteenth century argot.
  • argue I mean, if one wished to argue selfish-which of course I don't wish-well, the selfish view would be not to have drawn her out but rather keep her down a bit.
  • arguer Sir Arthur's interpretation of her total silence during his harangue, pleased her sense of humour, but, being of a peace-loving disposition, and averse to argument, especially with such an obstinately one-sided arguer as Sir Arthur, she allowed his statement to pass without contradiction, and greeted Lady Congreve with the charming cordiality, that gave her so delightful a personality.
  • argus When Andrew Murray obtained employment on The Argus as commercial editor, he left his twice-a-week newspaper in the charge of Mr. W. W. Whitridge, my brother John, and myself.
  • ark He might reasonably object to Cust's Gully, invented in 1880, as being quite at the end of the cliff; but from a point some way below the foot of that gully there is an easy passage, sloping up the face of the cliff very much like Jack's Rake on Pavey Ark, and this passage was descended by Mr. Cust in the same year that he discovered the gully.
  • askew It harms her not, while all about me is askew.
  • aug 9680. Do you think they should be paid in July or August?
  • auger The planks are closely wedged together like the flooring of a house, and secured here and there by strong wooden pins, driven into auger-holes bored through the planks into the scantling.
  • barge "That's a smart barge over there," said Hardy, pointing it out.
  • eager But of North America he knew nothing, and he was eager to learn.
  • edge She lifted the shoes to show them to three little boys playing on the edge of the lake.
  • erg I The two-vehicle caravan emerged from the sandy wastes of the erg and approached the small encampment of Taitoq Tuareg which consisted of seven goat leather tents.
  • ergo "Because a man looks out for some sick kittens, ergo, he is a political saint.
  • large 8905. Have you not large enough boats for the winter fishing?
  • larger The churchwardens began to work with him; then a few of the larger tenant farmers.
  • marge He saw her pause at the dell and look round; she descended into the hollow; he slunk through the fern; he gained the marge of the dell, and looked down,-she was lost to his sight.
  • rage But the greedy woman turned her back on him, and flew into a rage.
  • urge My three act play, "The Nature Woman," was conceived and written in two days and a half on a fast; but I do not recommend this kind of thing-on the contrary, I strongly urge against it, because if you work your brain on a fast, you do not get the good from your fast, and do not recover so quickly.
  • Argued "But that is not Christian," he argued.
  • Urged "His Majesty wishes to see you at once," I urged, full of wonder.
  • Aggie The next morning when Aggie did not appear at the breakfast table, Jimmy rushed to her room in genuine alarm.
  • Sarge Stepping blithely up to the top sarge he pipes up "I am the father of thirty-one."
  • urges He seems to labor under an apprehension of not being able to make you all believe how appreciative and grateful he is, and he urges me to "Make you understand it" when I write.
  • ages Back in the ages!
  • argues "Any man who argues with me knows what to expect.
  • ORG org to create the Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP), a national accreditation program for health information “trusted agent” service providers, including health information service providers (HISPs), certificate authorities (CAs) and registration authorities (RAs).
  • Agnew When she hearde my Voice, she started up, flung her Arms about me, crying more bitterlie than before, and I cried too; and Mr. Agnew went away with Harry.

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