What is the correct spelling for ARRRAY?

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Correct spellings for ARRRAY

  • affray Let it be remembered, too, that all through these days there was proceeding in Dublin a public inquiry into the events of the Howth gun-running and the affray at Bachelor's Walk, and some measure of Redmond's difficulties may be obtained.
  • agra The spring of the year 1566 found the Emperor back at Agra .
  • airway Federal airway s from 1,200 AGL to 18,000 MSL within 4 miles (6 km) of the centerline of the airway is designated Class E airspace. Have your girl always comin back like airway imma' be rich thats what they tell me so let me start workin' with this paper like a essay hey, athleticism workin game when im gettin' women – Ridin' High by mac miller
  • airy Pho, pho, no more of that: Here comes Sir George Airy - Enter Sir George.
  • apiary After this the hive is to be placed in the apiary , cemented round the bottom, and covered from the wet at top.
  • ara There is very fine pasture round Vercelli and Novara to the distance of two miles, within which rice is not permitted.
  • arab He was probably of Arab origin.
  • are Can it be that you are here?"
  • area The last method may be used when a small area of the skin is involved, and during the cold weather.
  • aria Never had his voice been richer, never had it rung with more dramatic power than when, in his aria of the first act, he had ended his lament with the declaration of his inevitable release on the slow-coming Judgment Day.
  • armory It is true that he brings the balista of the law to work, and looks for the weapons in the armory of judicial contradictions, but he keeps his own convictions as to the case, while he does his best to gain the day.
  • arras Suddenly, and without any of the heralding strains of drums and cymbals by which persons of distinction had been announced, the arras before the chief door was plucked aside and a figure, blinded by so much jewelled brilliance, stumbled into the chamber, still holding thrust out before him the engraved ring bearing the Imperial emblem which alone had enabled him to pass the keepers of the outer gates alive.
  • array The domestic establishment of Swanhaven Lodge included no formidable array of servants.
  • arrears I wanted to explain to her how I was preparing myself for a great career, and I was ready to promise her the payment of the arrears as soon as I began to get rich.
  • arrow It came suddenly, as if an arrow had been shot into my heart.
  • arroyo Tell him to meet me on the Arroyo de Alamo-same place as before-and that he is to bring with him twenty or thirty of his painted devils.
  • artery Your heart stopped pumping the blood out, because you were stunned, and that gave the artery a chance to pull itself together.
  • aura The whole train is filled with the light of Master's aura !
  • aurora Aurora waited, watching him.
  • aviary He let the birds in the aviary die for want of care, to avoid the cost of their food and attendance.
  • awry Mrs. Maitland, her knitting in her hands, came tramping into the parlor; the piece of thread lace was pushed awry , but there had been further preparation for the occasion: at first her son and daughter did not know what the change was; then suddenly both recognized it, and exchanged an astonished glance.
  • carry Only, they couldn't carry off the old river.
  • err Whatever motives of philanthropy direct the policy of the executive in this question of distributing food allowances to natives, it cannot be said that the Government or its administrators, err in their administration upon the side of liberality.
  • error "Madonna, you are in error ," I informed her, speaking slowly.
  • harry Pike with his Indians to harry southwestern Missouri and Kansas.
  • marry You can't mean that you think you'll marry !
  • murray It was generally taken for granted that Sanchia Murray knew what she was about.
  • orr Major Orr stood uncovered by my side, touched by my deep emotion and paying homage to the brave dead.
  • parry Ah, how I could enjoy half-an-hour with you, Parry Glyddyr, alone!"
  • ray By and by she came to the spot where the white ray of light from the Queen's star touched the solid air.
  • tarry I knew the reporter would not tarry long; he would grab a few sentences, and rush away to telephone them in.
  • Araby He is evidently bound for Aden, casting glances of quiet unconcern on Perim and the coast of Araby the blest.
  • Barry The order of the day or night was for ever pressed upon me-and the order of the day was now to go to this new sentimental comedy-my mother's favourite actor, the silver-toned Barry , was to play the lover of the piece; so she was sure of as many fashionable young ladies as her box could possibly hold.
  • Larry But that evening Mrs. Larry Masters posted a letter to Colonel Tom Wallifarro.
  • Garry Garry Latisan agreed fully with his son and expressed the wistful wish, as he did regularly in their conferences, that he could be of more real help.
  • arrays An' as nothin' but feathers, blankets, an' breech-clouts goes at a war-dance-the same bein' Osage dress-clothes-Bill shucks his paleface garments an' arrays himse'f after the breezy fashion of his ancestors.
  • ARR
  • ARAL
  • cut-rate
  • cutins

9 words made from the letters ARRRAY

  • 3 letter words made from ARRRAY:

    aar, ara, ayr, ray, rya.
  • 5 letter words made from ARRRAY:

    array, yarra.
  • 4 letter words made from ARRRAY:

    ayar, rary.