What is the correct spelling for ARTER?

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Correct spellings for ARTER

  • adder Still there can be no doubt that even this small quantity of the justly dreaded death adder poison would have proved fatal, if it had not been counteracted by the antidote.
  • after Then they went after Hank Porler, but he could not be found.
  • alter And are we to suffer the mere fact of Christ's being incarnate in a past age and not in our own, to alter our attitude towards Him, and blind us to the reality?
  • ante During that time in Linde's camp, from time to time, some of the sleeping negroes would start up in an ante -mortem paroxysm of the disease, fly into the jungle, and return no more; there were some who died on the spot, and others, rushing blindly, crushed their heads on the rocks in the camp itself or in the neighborhood.
  • aorta After the contraction of the ventricles the heart is again in momentary repose and is being filled with blood, while the valves in the aorta and pulmonary artery close to prevent the return of blood into the ventricles.
  • arbiter He had often imagined himself the arbiter of some beautiful woman's fate, some fine piece of goods.
  • ardor If in the ardor of their zeal, and inherited infirmities, and surrounded by influences, from which none of us are exempt; they sometimes apply epithets and bring charges with too little discrimination, "something should be pardoned to the spirit of liberty;" something granted to the advocates of outraged humanity; to those, who, remembering them that are in bonds as bound with them, plead as for mothers, children, sisters, and brothers; at present lost to all the joys and purposes of life.
  • are And in Him, so are we.
  • art They said therefore unto Him, Who art Thou?
  • artery But a treaty having been concluded with Sweden, and various reinforcements having been received from the lesser powers, preparations were made for the siege of Bonn, on the Rhine, a frontier town of Flanders, of great importance from its commanding the passage of that artery of Germany, and stopping, while in the enemy's hands, all transit of military stores or provisions for the use of the armies in Bavaria, or on the Upper Rhine.
  • arts The Royal Theatre, the Academy of Arts , Count Moltke's picture gallery, and some hotels centre here.
  • arty Strangely enough the Democratic paper, observing exactly the same historic events, took this jaundiced view of the matter: "Arty Caldwell, Republican boss of the Sixth District, who is out mending his political fences, spellbound a handful of his henchmen at the School House near Blandford Crossing on Tuesday evening."
  • aster The Kernel sent me a telliegraff that he would be at the Aster House such a day, and I agreed to meet him there.
  • at Edwin looked at Tom.
  • ate Whin did ye ate aanything?
  • attar If there's any perfume fitter for a lost soul than attar of banana oil, it hasn't been discovered.
  • barter Hen and I did a little barter and exchange on the side, while Anna emptied and refilled his can.
  • carter The entire party was made up of West Arlingtonites, neighbors from across the way, from down the block and from up near Carter Station.
  • cartier After a winter of much misery Cartier left Stadacona in the spring of 1536, and sailed into the Atlantic by the passage between Cape Breton and Newfoundland, now appropriately called Cabot's Straits on modern maps.
  • cater He did not cater to the desires of his audience; he struck at the abuses most prevalent in the section where he spoke.
  • charter Now, this is the eternal charter of the rights of all humanity.
  • darter He war always a talkin' to the chief's darter , and making presents to her.
  • easter I'm a 'down Easter .
  • eater The word Samoyedes signifies "swamp-dwellers," and Esquimau means "eater of raw flesh."
  • garter The Princess Anne, with whom, both individually and through Lady Marlborough, he was so intimately connected, mounted the throne without opposition; and one of her first acts was to bestow on Marlborough the order of the Garter , confirm him in his former offices, and appoint him, in addition, her plenipotentiary at the Hague.
  • harte It is a confused system of literary classification which does not permit calling these tales of Harte and Kipling poetry, but crowns the same writers' doggerel verses like The Heathen Chinee and Fuzzy Wuzzy with the title "poems."
  • hater The Duke has the reputation of being a good hater .
  • later I'll call you later .
  • mater Hampton College is our alma mater .
  • order The whole order of the house was changed because of Peter Junior's return.
  • otter An otter , rather larger than any I've seen at home, performed to us on a sandbank, danced, and rolled over its own shadow, or possibly a fish, in apparent exuberance of spirit.
  • outer Marcia Arnold did not return to the outer office.
  • quarter Will somebody be kind enough to put a quarter into the box?
  • rate "I will go around to her home at any rate ," I said.
  • ratter He had several dogs of his own; one, a whippet, was a very fast runner, and Matthew used to win prizes with her at the Saturday coursing races; another, a terrier, was a fine ratter .
  • tater Now yeast is de fust an' maindest thing and tater yeast is the onliest kin' fit ter use, an' you can't git tater s 'thout diggin' 'em; so fer the fust step, s'pose you go an' dig some tater s.
  • ureter The soothing effect on the kidney will often relieve inflammation and irritation, should the stone be in that situation, while if in the ureter the warm fomentations will at once soothe irritation, relax spasm of the muscular coat of the canal, and favor an abundant secretion from the kidney, which, pressing on the obstructing stone, may slowly push it on into the bladder.
  • ute Bill's sire-a savage who's 'way up in the picture kyards, an' who's called 'Crooked Claw' because of his left hand bein' put out of line with a Ute arrow through it long ago-gives his consent to Bill j'inin' that sem'nary.
  • utter She tried to speak and tried again, but she could not utter a word.
  • water You can take the water with you.
  • Dater Well now, Mr. Thady, to hear his riverence going on the like of that, said the old woman, appealing to Macdermot; and wasn't it himself sent the broth down in it to Widow Green the latter end of last winter, and didn't the foolish slip of a girl, her grand-dater, go to hait it over the hot coals for the ould woman, jist as it was, and in course the hait smashed the glass, and why wouldn't it, and the broth was all spilt?
  • Rater That's what's said of every first-rater till he gets his chance.
  • Artie Mr. Ade's Artie is a Chicago clerk, and his dialect is of the most delectable.
  • Arturo Musica di Vincenzo Michetti, riduzione di Arturo Cadore.
  • RTE
  • ARR Somebody is whistling "Arr-hyd-y-nos" as he comes from the other side in the darkness-somebody who walks with a swinging step and a resonant foot-beat, some one who cares nothing for fogs.
  • artier
  • wartier
  • afro-americans

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