What is the correct spelling for AS EVE?

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Correct spellings for AS EVE

  • a hand at
  • a party tos
  • above Above all, did William really love her, for ever and ever, better than any one?
  • abusive In fact there had been no regular quarrel: the squire had only been rather rude to the rector's face, and very abusive behind his back.
  • ace They fools themselves overboard into the water, and is within an ace of drownin'.
  • agave It seems as if Jason was first playing the part of Agave, and was then going to play that of Pentheus; but on seeing the head he put aside the mask and dress of Pentheus, and recited the words of the frantic mother.
  • alive I b'lieve they're all alive.
  • am ears in
  • am ones lot
  • arriving finally
  • as Miss Tripp was unquestionably elegant, and her smart gowns and the large picture hats she affected had created quite their usual sensation in Innisfield, where the slow-spreading ripples of fashion were viewed with a certain stern disfavour as being linked in some vague manner with irreligion of a dangerous sort.
  • aside She put aside the whole subject with a look.
  • av An' which,-forgive me lass,-which man av the three did ye love?
  • Ava
  • Ave
  • aver After a few vain attempts and futile remonstrances, the prudent and philosophical guest would recognize resignedly the absolute impossibility of obtaining breakfast, however simple, under forty-five minutes from the moment of commanding the same; indeed that was very good time, and I positively aver that I have waited longer for eggs, tea, and toast.
  • averse These arrangements having been made, his visitor took his departure; leaving Luis, for the rest of the day, to his own solitary meditations; for he felt utterly averse to moving from the house, and mixing with the noisy and careless crowd in the city below.
  • Azov
  • ease Pocahontas suddenly felt at ease again.
  • EAVE
  • ese Suppose Ese he wish something, Tiapolo he make him.
  • Eva
  • evasive She looked up at Heath, and now he saw a sort of evasive charm in her eyes.
  • eve An' he a-havin' 'is washin' done on Christmas Eve.
  • ever 8496. But did you ever get it?
  • EVES
  • I've
  • observe The man used to observe the ways of the fairies and to do as they did.
  • safe She knew you were not safe there.
  • save What can I do to save the people?"
  • saver One and all they were vociferous in their praise of the chaplain, voting him a "good fellow" and a "life-saver" of the highest order.
  • serve It may serve as a subject or an object in the clause.
  • server It is very wholesome, however, and it may be rather that a New England severity in them is the effect of the impersonal relation of served and server which no gratuity humanizes.
  • servo As stated before, these theologians made it a special point also to declare their agreement with Luther's book De Servo Arbitrio.
  • sever That Ramerrez dreaded the interview which he had determined to have with his confederate can easily be understood by anyone who has ever tried to sever his relations with an enamoured woman.
  • sieve Pour boiling water over, drain on a fine sieve, and add six or seven well-beaten eggs.
  • soave
  • Soever
  • suave
  • use