What is the correct spelling for ASEES?

If you’ve mistakenly written "asees" instead of the correct word, here are a few possibilities: "asses" refers to donkeys, "access" means entry or permission to use something, "abcess" denotes an infected fluid pocket or you might have meant "ashes", the residue from burnt material. Remember to double-check your spelling!

Correct spellings for ASEES

  • Aces The card game was going well for me, and I had laid down two aces in a row.
  • acies The Roman army's acies formation proved to be a formidable tactic in battles.
  • aisles I walked down the grocery store aisles, carefully selecting the items on my shopping list.
  • APSES The church has beautiful apses that are adorned with intricate paintings and sculptures.
  • ARSES I have some ARSES for you.
  • Ashes The only thing left of the house after the fire were the ashes.
  • asides Asides from his regular job, he spends his free time volunteering at the local animal shelter.
  • asks The teacher asks the students to turn in their homework.
  • Asps The Egyptian queen Cleopatra is often associated with asps because she famously used one to commit suicide.
  • assess I will assess the damage done to your car.
  • assets The company's assets include properties, inventory, and equipment.
  • Axes The woodcutter sharpened his axes before beginning to chop the trees.
  • Bases The military bases were spread throughout the country.
  • cases There were over 1,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state.
  • easels She used her easels to paint the van in the park.
  • eases I find it easier to deal with the stress of the test when I take the eases route.
  • Gases There are several types of gases that make up the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Oases The Bedouin tribes are known to have survived for centuries by living off the oases scattered throughout the harsh deserts.
  • OSES Our OSES team is here to help.
  • seas The seas are restless.
  • SEERS The seers were able to see the future.
  • sees The little boy sees a butterfly fluttering in the garden.
  • sews My grandma sews intricate quilts by hand.
  • sues She sues her landlord for not fixing the leaking roof in her apartment.
  • users This software is for users.
  • uses She only uses her state-of-the-art camera for professional photography.
  • vases I have vases full of flowers.