What is the correct spelling for ASEKED?

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Correct spellings for ASEKED

  • a thing something
  • ACED
  • aged Mr. Westcott had aged a great deal during the last month.
  • asgard And when he reached Asgard there was rejoicing among the gods.
  • aside If he is dead, I'll find you the keys, and step aside.
  • ask 6958. How much did you ask for?
  • Asked 8723. Have you ever asked for that?
  • askew And yet more strangely his open overcoat, which his distress could not suffer to keep buttoned, disclosed a rumpled shirt front, a tie askew and a dinner jacket which evidently had been donned the evening before.
  • asks marriage
  • asks oneself
  • axed "As a last resort, I axed her, I did, if she thought I ought to pay her a clean hundred per cent.
  • Basked K." legend, everywhere met the eye and announced the imperial favour in which the establishment basked.
  • de fender
  • de fenders
  • eased And we went down an hour into the olden sea-bed, and did go now the more swift; for our fear was something eased from us, because that we had come away from that place where we had perceived so great and dread an hunting.
  • Eked A little crowd assembles, for local excitements are few, and the Malay phrase-book, an inseparable companion, aids in carrying on a halting conversation, eked out with signs and facial contortions.
  • masked "It was through that door, yonder," said Haredale, pointing, "that the masked man came."
  • sacked Well, sir, I'm sacked, and I dare say it will be a long time before anyone will take me on.
  • Sagged The Ricker parlour was a garden which sloped gently, as a garden should, for the house was old and the parlour floor sagged toward the entrance so that the front of the organ was propped on wooden blocks.
  • segued
  • skid More ox-teams appeared upon the skid-road, which was longer now; the cry of "Timber-r-r!"
  • Skied They can thus select their own "pitch," and are never ruthlessly skied.
  • soaked The dried fruits may be soaked and eaten raw, but I find that several fruits, especially apples and pears, do not agree with me well if they are eaten raw, so I stew them for fifteen or twenty minutes.
  • Sucked "Unless we were in there," retorted Frank pointing, not without a shudder, to the whirling open mouth of the pool which had sucked down the wreck of their canoe.
  • Tasked His visitors tasked themselves to be strictly polite; they did not undervalue his resources for commanding respect between man and man.
  • unasked A day or two previous to this march the Generals of the Missouri forces, by common consent on their part and unasked on mine, tendered me the command of their troops, which I at first declined, saying to them it was done to throw the responsibility of ordering a retreat upon me if one had to be ordered for the want of supplies, their breadstuffs giving out about this time; and, in truth, we would have been in a starving condition had it not been for the young corn, which was just in condition to be used.
  • used Those is the adjective which should be used in its place; as, Those people, not, Them people.