What is the correct spelling for ATATUS?

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Correct spellings for ATATUS

  • arts
  • atlas The map of this region, as published in Morse's school atlas of 1823, is curiously different from the maps of the present day.
  • attest It will, I doubt not, attest the growing prosperity of the country, although during the decade which has just closed it was so severely tried by the great war waged to maintain its integrity and to secure and perpetuate our free institutions.
  • eats Secure under cover of darkness, Pringle answered in the voice of one who, riding, eats : "Yes, indeedy; I ain't no hawg.
  • status The doing so cannot in any way change his actual status either in law or in fact.
  • titus Such conduct was much admired in Scipio, and that of Titus , who had as it were insulted the dead whom another had slain, was no less generally found fault with.
  • Oats They had sometimes gone a long distance and had taken their dinner with them, and Willy was really very good in unharnessing the horse and watering him at a brook, and in giving him some oats.
  • Ataturk
  • Antaeus As seems the Carisenda, to behold Beneath the leaning side, when goes a cloud Above it so that opposite it hangs; Such did Antaeus seem to me, who stood Watching to see him stoop, and then it was I could have wished to go some other way.
  • abates As the rainy season advances, the trouble abates , and by the time the cold weather sets in the ordinary house-fly by day and the mosquito by night alone remain to buzz about us.
  • abuts In another part, a huge dimly-lit tent, reeking hot, and garnished with cane seats, contained knots of Egyptians, as their red Tarbushes, white turbands, and black Za'abuts showed, noisily intoxicating themselves with forbidden hemp.
  • states I saw that you are from the States .
  • attains Every individual that strives to apprehend the harmony of human and divine elements attains to membership in the divine covenant.
  • agitates If it be allowed indulgence and expansion, like the elemental fires, it only agitates , and perhaps purifies, the atmosphere; while its efforts to throw off restraint would burst the world asunder.
  • actuates But there is, after all, prevalent among them a sufficiently evident logical inability to understand and appreciate the paramount need of national, that is to say dynastic, ascendancy that actuates all German patriots; just as these same patriots are similarly unable to consider national interests in any other light than that of dynastic ascendancy.
  • adapts She adapts herself to him as water adapts itself to the shape of the vessel in which it is placed.
  • attacks Attacks of that kind generally left their effects for four days or more.
  • agates And have we not, nay, choose we not, to have variety of gems, agates , rubies, and diamonds shining about us, some squared, some angled, each having their own excellency, because so formed?
  • statues I should say the statues ."
  • ATS
  • TADS
  • ADAS
  • TOTS
  • TUTS
  • ETAS
  • ETA'S
  • TATS
  • touts
  • tutus
  • attunes
  • acetates
  • air-cooling
  • air-cools
  • aircondition
  • airconditioned
  • debitside
  • deforested
  • defraudations
  • detainings
  • detrained
  • detrudes

24 words made from the letters ATATUS

  • 3 letter words made from ATATUS:

    aas, sat, tat, tau, usa, uta.
  • 4 letter words made from ATATUS:

    asat, tatu, taua, taut.
  • 5 letter words made from ATATUS:

    atatu, atuas, austa, satat, satta, staat, statu, suata, sutta, tatas, tatau, tatsu, tatus, tauts.