What is the correct spelling for ATHIRD?

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Correct spellings for ATHIRD

  • acid The crops from the pots into which air and carbonic acid were daily forced, were about twice as heavy as No. 1, which remained in the ordinary condition.
  • ahead Now, if only he could jump ahead ." Feel red, still go ahead You see black and white And I see red, red, not blue I'm thinkin' about the overfed, the underhead – Red Lenses by rush
  • aid Fortunately, that new generation has already sprung up beyond the Atlantic, and by their aid we shall get out of this hundred years' dilemma a little sooner. A purpose all too limited!--to aid Frail human flowerets, sicklied by the shade, – Lines by Thomas Hardy
  • aired M. Jules Ferry's head then appeared from the window, and he aired his eloquence in a speech congratulating the friends of order on having rallied to the defence of the Government.
  • altair And you had a message from Altair ?
  • aphid At springtide, when the leaves begin to sprout from the opening buds the aphid eggs are hatched, and the young insects after a series of moults, through which hardly any change of form is apparent, all grow into wingless 'stem-mothers' much larger than the egg-laying females of the autumn.
  • arid Eagerly she lifted her head, arid looked into his face with a glance of wild delight.
  • arthur Keep an eye on John Arthur , for my sake.
  • astir But Martin was up ahead of him, and had slipped out of the building before any one else was astir .
  • atheist Or he may entertain what appears to him independent evidence in favour of Atheism, and thus he may become an atheist .
  • athirst The next morning I awaked sweetly refreshed; and, by the sign of my rag, found the way again through the underwood to my boat I raised that up a little, took out some bread and cheese, and, having eat pretty heartily, laid me down to drink at the lake, which looked as clear as crystal, expecting a most delicious draught; but I had forgot it brought me from the sea, and my first gulp almost poisoned me. This was a sore disappointment, for I knew my water-cask was nigh emptied; and, indeed, turning up my boat again, I drew out all that remained, and drank it, for I was much athirst .
  • athwart But how should he hope for such kindly blast while the hot air is heavy about him, and cloud draws cloud athwart the heavens?
  • attar After allowing for this error Zenoleum appeared as harmless and meaningless as would the Attar of Roses.
  • author That is perhaps my own fault, or the fault perhaps of my advancing years; but, to put it differently, there is no author now writing whose book I should order the moment I saw it announced, and await its arrival with keen anticipation.
  • avid Mrs. Naylor's motherliness, old Naylor's courtliness, Gertie's breathless concern and avid appetite for the fullest detail, everybody's desire to console and cheer, all these were at her service, all enlisted in the effort to make her forget, and live and laugh again.
  • avoid Besides, it was impossible to avoid sharing the enthusiasm shining in the face of her lifelong friend.
  • award In the event of hostilities having broken out, any State shall be presumed to be an aggressor, unless a decision of the Council, which must be taken unanimously, shall otherwise declare: 1. If it has refused to submit the dispute to the procedure of pacific settlement provided by Articles 13 and 15 of the Covenant as amplified by the present Protocol, or to comply with a judicial sentence or arbitral award or with a unanimous recommendation of the Council, or has disregarded a unanimous report of the Council, a judicial sentence or an arbitral award recognising that the dispute between it and the other belligerent State arises out of a matter which by international law is solely within the domestic jurisdiction of the latter State; nevertheless, in the last case the State shall only be presumed to be an aggressor if it has not previously submitted the question to the Council or the Assembly, in accordance with Article 11 of the Covenant.
  • ether The chemical constituents of alcohol and ether are the same; the difference in their qualities and properties arises from the way the elements are compounded-the way they take hold of hands, so to speak, in that marriage ceremony which constitutes a chemical compound.
  • ethic Apart from Brunei Malay and Kedayan, the latter which may be considered a dialect of Malay, five indigenous minority ethic groups are officially recognised in Brunei, each with their own language: Tutong, Belait, Dusun, Bisaya, and Lun Bawang ('Murut).
  • fathead Sure enough, Nimms had it stowed away; and the fathead hadn't said a word about it before.
  • goatherd Of the quarrel between Don Quixote and the Goatherd , with the rare adventure of the Disciplinants.
  • other
  • third
  • thirty
  • thud
  • Ached Nathless, their ribs ached at the force of the blows.
  • Amid We can even see it looming behind the noble form of Marcus Aurelius, who, amid the ruins of empire and the revolutions of belief, penned in his tent among the Quadi those maxims of endurance which were powerless to regenerate the world.
  • Bathed The forest opened out onto a vast meadow bathed in sunshine.
  • Earthed "Well, I hope we shall not be earthed, any way," said I. "Now, the next thing is, who has a lantern?
  • Lathed
  • Ahmed When Dion walked back to his hotel the candlelight glimmered over the dining-table at the Villa Hafiz where Mrs. Clarke sat with her three guests-the Ambassador, Madame Davroulos, the wife of a Greek millionaire whose home was at Smyrna, and Ahmed Bey, one of the Sultan's adjutants.
  • Ahmad chief of state: President Umar Hassan Ahmad al-BASHIR (since 16 October 1993); First Vice President Salva KIIR (since 4 August 2005), Vice President Ali Osman TAHA (since 20 September 2005); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government
  • Thad
  • authors As there was not the slightest appearance of that disorder amongst them on our first arrival, I am afraid it is not to be denied that we were the authors of this irreparable mischief.
  • authored He has also authored instructive guides on chess covering a broad range of expertise, and is the founder and archivist of Britbase – a chess games database with objective to log the collected game scores of all major tournaments in British chess history.
  • outhit
  • they'd

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