What is the correct spelling for AUTHURED?

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Correct spellings for AUTHURED

  • accrued From these fruitful though troublous times, and from this beneficial disorder, an advantage has accrued to us which we shall never sufficiently appreciate.
  • acquired I don't say you must wait till you have acquired a fortune.
  • adored Years might pass away, his own eyes might grow dim, that lovely form might fade, but there it would remain, unchangeable, cherished, and adored !
  • aired Now the hospital room was in half shadow, but it was never light nor aired as the American nurse felt it should be.
  • armoured Fortunate that I had not offended him earlier in the interview; if I had, he would certainly now have dragged the dog from me with every species of indignity and insult, and I could have done nothing against him, armoured up as he was with the law.
  • assured Oh, we'll find her, rest assured !"
  • attired I was more modestly attired in a new naval uniform, carefully made from the pattern of my last old one under my uncle's inspection.
  • authoress She was an authoress !
  • authority He's become quite an authority since those papers he had in the 'Lancet,' and he's thinking of giving up general practice.
  • bothered He had a book full of them, and was always showing it to those who bothered him for money.
  • ethelred When I am tempted to blame Ethelred I remember this.
  • feathered A little brown feathered bird dropped into the grass.
  • gathered Men and women gathered around him.
  • inured The monarch is not likely to be inured to a life of strenuous work, and yet in addition to the political routine, which is by no means small, his duties, social and ceremonial, are great.
  • tethered Crossing a slight elevation where the soil was gravelly, and in which grew the shrubs of the ordinary scrubs with several interesting novelties, we again came upon an angle of the Narran, and continued along its banks for about thirty miles, until near sunset, when we tethered our horses, and lay down for the night.
  • thread We were at first pulling ahead of the vessels which were at anchor between us and the frigate; but, on seeing the boat, I told Larry we would pass under the stern of the one nearest us, and thread our way in and out among them, so that we might be concealed from the sight of those coming off from the shore, in case they should make chase after us.
  • uttered You may imagine how he felt; but he never uttered a word, for there was no help for it.
  • weathered Skag looked into a grey eye that seemed so steady as to have a life all its own and apart, in the midst of a weathered countenance both kindly and grim.
  • withered It was a mansion whose very aspect withered joy, and almost shut out hope.
  • Augured This state of feeling augured ill for the success of his suit; but when at a late hour that night, in spite of grandmother or Englishman, he handed Maggie to the carriage, he whispered to her softly, "I will see her to-morrow morning, and know the worst."
  • Earthed Beyond, through the trees, Carley saw the sunny red-earthed clearing that was Glenn's farm.
  • Fathered Accident put Mr. Lee on the right scent, from which previous biographers had been diverted by too literal and implicit a faith in the arch-deceiver's statements, and too comprehensive an application of his complaint that his name was made the hackney title of the times, upon which all sorts of low scribblers fathered their vile productions.
  • Furthered Nature will be then best worked, and man's personal development will then be best furthered.
  • Lathered "Boone," demanded the girl, drawing down to a sedate pace, after a brisk gallop that had lathered the flanks and withers of their mounts, "what is it that interests you so in this campaign?
  • Mothered He looked younger, just then, she thought, than she had ever seen him, and she felt herself so immensely old that she could have taken him into her arms and mothered him as though he'd been her own son.
  • Ushered When you have said that you wish to see the head of the firm, you naturally imagine that your name will be at once shouted up the tube, and that in a minute or two, at farthest, you will be ushered into the presence of the principal.
  • Pothered And then one night when it was dark She blew up such a tiny spark That all the house was pothered; From it she raised up such a flame As flamed away to Belting Lane, And White Cross folks were smothered.
  • allured This secured, we allured , Might view by Faith the glorious sight.
  • authored In 2008 Bramble authored the book also published by Cambridge University Press: Trade Unionism in Australia: A History from Flood to Ebb Tide, a controversial Marxist analysis of the Australian labour movement, attacking the trade union bureaucracy and the ALP.
  • euchred Said you euchred him out of all he had and got your start on it.
  • unobscure

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