What is the correct spelling for AVEGE?

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Correct spellings for AVEGE

  • adage The adage, "you can't judge a book by its cover" is a reminder to look beyond appearances.
  • ag
  • age She was a woman of a certain age, but she still felt young at heart.
  • Aggie Aggie is a nickname commonly used by students or alumni of Texas A&M University.
  • ago I last saw her four years ago.
  • ague The only thing that could warm him up and shake off the ague was a hot cup of tea.
  • allege The media allege that the politician had ties to a corrupt organization.
  • apogee The spacecraft reached its apogee of 25,000 miles above the earth.
  • argue They always argue about who has to wash the dishes.
  • aug
  • auger The farmer used an auger to bore holes into the wooden fence posts.
  • av Jag skulle vilja ha en av de gröna äpplena, tack. (I would like one of the green apples, please.)
  • Ava Ava loves to read books from different genres.
  • Ave Hail, Caesar, those who are about to die salute you! (Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant!)
  • avenge Batman sought to avenge his parents' tragic deaths.
  • avenger The protagonist of the movie was a former cop turned avenger seeking vengeance for his wife's murder.
  • avenue My favorite store is located on the busy shopping avenue in downtown.
  • aver I aver that the defendant was present at the crime scene.
  • average The average person in the United States spends around two hours per day on social media.
  • avers He avers that he has never cheated on his taxes.
  • averse As a vegetarian, I am completely averse to any meal that includes meat.
  • avert I was able to avert the accident by slamming on the brakes just in time.
  • Avery Avery loves to collect seashells whenever she visits the beach.
  • AVG I use AVG as my antivirus software on all my devices.
  • EAVE The birds often build their nests on the eave of my house.
  • edge The edge of the blade is sharp.
  • eeg She took a EEG to see if she had a seizure.
  • egg The egg is a white or yellow mass in the center of the chicken's ovum.
  • ego My ego is big enough for two.
  • Eke I always think of Eke as the patron saint of lost causes.
  • eve I am meeting my friend for dinner at Eve's place.
  • evoke The smell of freshly baked bread in the air can evoke fond memories of my grandmother's kitchen.
  • lavage The villa needed a complete lavage.
  • overage The store charged an overage fee for the customer who exceeded the weight limit of the product.
  • ravage The wildfire continued to ravage the forest, leaving nothing but ash and smoldering debris in its wake.
  • savage He was such a savage, I was scared of him!

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