What is the correct spelling for AW?

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Correct spellings for AW

  • aa 1949 A group of recovering alcoholics and AA members founded Hazelden Farm, a Minneapolis refuge and treatment center.
  • ab Saepe ego nimbosis dubius jactabar ab haedis.
  • ac Hic Uffo coaeuos quosque corporis habitu supergressus, adeo hebetis ineptique animi principio iuuentae existimatus est, ut priuatis ac publicis rebus inutilis uideretur.
  • ag In 1994, the 913 AG was redesignated as the 913th Airlift Wing (913 AW) as part of an Air Force-wide initiative to redesignate all Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard flying units with unit-assigned aircraft as wings.
  • ai C Arch (between nave and ai Joining the piers or pillars which separate nave from ai sles
  • ak It runs in the elections for the labour parliament of the Austrian Labour Chamber (Arbeiterkammer – AK).
  • al This word signifies guardian of the frontier, as we learn from Ibn al Jawaliki's work called Al -muarrab.
  • an I'll get you down in the twinkling of an eye-come!"
  • ar Ivrywhere happiness, contint, love iv th' shtep-mother counthry, excipt in places where there ar -re people.
  • as "As soon as he can," was the reply.
  • at Yes, why not at once?
  • au Au contraire, I see much good.
  • av Here's his address, if ye can read writin',' an' he put ut on a piece av paper.
  • awe Louise interposed in awe .
  • awl Death at a cobbler's door oft made a stand, But always found him on the mending hand; At length Death came, in very dirty weather, And ripp'd the soul from off the upper leather: The cobbler lost his awl ,-Death gave his last, And buried in oblivion all the past.
  • awn Abu Awn ordered the arrest and deportation of Ustadhsis and his family to Baghdad, but let the remainder of his followers, some 30,000 men, to go free.
  • az I don't pretend tew say that you are brothers and sisters, but i do pretend tew state, that monkeys, or enny other kind ov critters, who exercise reason, even if the light ov it, is dim az a number six dip candle, in the rays ov the noon day sun, are our relashuns, for a certain amount.
  • caw He said it was one Lewis Caw , from Crieff, who being a fugitive like himself, for the same reason, he had engaged him as his servant, but that he had fallen sick.
  • haw Tam du luke wonderful aztonished; haw , haw ! Poor old Tam!
  • jaw You stop to jaw back at me; and I'll start on you: d'ye hear?
  • law "The law wants them," replied the lieutenant.
  • maw "He favors his maw -an' she was always gentle.
  • paw What happened to your paw ?
  • raw Her voice was high and raw .
  • saw He saw the illumined face of his dying friend.
  • sw -Southeastern Humboldt and northern Lander counties, Nevada; marginal occurrences, all in Nevada, are: 7 mi. N Winnemucca, 8 mi. E and 1 mi. N Jungo, 15 mi. SW Winnemucca, 23 mi. NW Battle Mountain, Izenhood, and 18 mi. NE Iron Point.
  • wa "Ehelan wa Sehelan," "Welcome and Welcome!"
  • yaw "Yaw! shoot at him," he answered, pointing at the trunk of a large tree.
  • Ah Ah, what a pity!"
  • W "No. W -wanted me, didn't you?
  • AF Typically, these phase-detection sensors are not as accurate as the more sophisticated stand-alone sensors, but since the fine focusing is now carried out through contrast focusing, the phase-detection AF sensors are only need to provide coarse directional information in order to speed up the contrast auto-focusing process.
  • AP 18 Jesus College, now Hugh ap Rice, doctor of the civil in hand law.
  • AW "Aw ees, it be done.
  • AM Me, who am nothing now.
  • UAW The strike ended with the UAW deciding to return to work without a contract despite record revenues and profits by Caterpillar.
  • WW Beattie was also one of, if not the, first to employ the 4-6-4T arrangement – the 1902 conversions of three B class locomotives into the WE class and the WG and WW are some of the earliest examples in the world of the 4-6-4T arrangement.
  • OW Here she was, sure enough; and as Jack ended his story, she chimed in with a plaintive little "Me-ow," which said, as plainly as ever any cat spoke yet, "I'm very cold and hungry, and I do wish somebody would take me below and give me some food!"
  • unamazing