What is the correct spelling for AWEWOME?

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Correct spellings for AWEWOME

  • abeam I would have followed in a boat, but it was a fine starlight night, with a fresh wind blowing, and the sailors on the pier laughed at me when I spoke of rowing after a schooner yacht which had got a quarter of an hour's start of us, with the wind abeam and the tide in her favor.
  • airwoman
  • alewife But she was one to "make things go," and she talked glibly on until they had crossed Alewife Bridge and Wilfred drew up before a gray house with a garden in front, marked out in little prim beds defined by pebbles, and all without a weed.
  • aroma The moment was too grave for instant reply; Mr. Crossbin was allowing the aroma to mount to the innermost recesses of his nostrils.
  • atom A single atom in the human sea, he may have committed a wrong while attempting to do right, and came here a penitent, trying to right it; but as I knew him he was worthy of any woman's profoundest admiration, and he shall receive it from me as long as I live.
  • awe "No," replied Peter, husky with awe .
  • awed Peter Junior paused in his walk and stood for a moment looking down on his mother, awed by what she revealed to him of her inner nature.
  • aweigh The brigantine was aweigh ; and, under a light show of canvas, she was making easy stretches in the little basin, resembling, by the ease and grace of her movements, some beautiful swan sailing up and down in the enjoyment of its instinct.
  • awesome Am I so awesome ?
  • tapeworm All this loss could be avoided and the danger of tapeworm infestation in human beings from this source could be removed by the observance of proper precautions in disposing of human excreta.
  • twosome Seein' as we're only startin' in on the twosome breakfast game, maybe you could find something nice and cheerful by a window.
  • venom There was venom in his eyes, and his pale, distorted features bespoke impotent rage.
  • wartime Of course no one dreams that such history will repeat itself after the present war; but there are many persons in England and France to-day who contend that the business needs of peace will be stronger than the costly hang-over of wartime passions.
  • womb In whom has it not been implanted by nature, on whom has it not been impressed, aye, stamped almost in his mother's womb even, in whom is there not a native instinct, that He is King and Lord, the ruler of all things that be?
  • Awoken Well, as I said, the fine weather continued for a long time, till I was awoken one morning by a loud, roaring, dashing, creaking sound, or rather, I might say, of a mixture of such sounds; and as I began to rub my eyes, I thought that I should have been hove out of the narrow crib in which I was stowed away in the very bows of the vessel.
  • Whom 6899. Whom do you fish for?
  • awes He had a note-book in his hand-that terrible weapon which awes even the London cabman.
  • awesomely But it was awesomely grand, watching the sweep of Earth beneath him, the procession of dots that were islands strung across the Pacific South Seas like a necklace of green beads.
  • awoke At two in the afternoon I awoke ; and, try as I would, further sleep was impossible.
  • crenelates

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