What is the correct spelling for AWQKE?

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Correct spellings for AWQKE

  • acme The annual products of the precious metals attained its acme in 1853, when it was $285,000,000.
  • acne While we are on the subject of Advertisements a word must be said about the Medical branch of this fine art; and knowing the enormous fortunes which have often been made out of a casual prescription for acne or alopecia, I freely place at the disposal of any aspiring young chemist who reads this paper the following tale of enterprise and success.
  • acre So many farms were in the market going a-begging for tenants, it was not probable a landlord would let a good man go for the sake of a few shillings an acre .
  • acute In this type, the symptoms are practically as described in the acute form, only less marked.
  • adage "There is danger in delay," he muttered, as the old adage came into his mind.
  • agape Yes; a black feller, with four legs an' a tail, an' a red mouth all agape , wide enough to take in my head, hat an' all.
  • agate Freistetten was in the act of making the ascent of the agate rocks, in company with a guide, and had paused for a moment to take breath, when he perceived Egon coming down towards him and instantly hailed him.
  • agave In full bloom these form a most striking feature of the landscape, as peculiar as the agave hedges of Mexico.
  • age "By the time you're my age , Sally dear, you'll see there are ways and ways of looking at things.
  • agile Having none of the ordinary members or weapons of the wilder lower creatures, it was yet more agile and formidable than any of them; and, casting its skin annually, it seemed to renew itself with eternal youth.
  • agog They're always all agog for any new thing-one of them's always playing Cabot to somebody else's Columbus.
  • ague On the 25th December, 1821, I arrived at Nagpore, and on the same evening was seized with the Nagpore fever, which is always accompanied by fits of the ague .
  • aiken While in the choir loft Mr. Aiken came in.
  • ak And then Mai-ak brought a message ...
  • alike Do not all things happen alike to all; is it not with the wise man and the righteous as with the fool?
  • amok But better than amok .
  • aqua They were very much like the aqua -planes commonly towed behind motorboats, but much cruder, and designed to go under rather than remain on the surface.
  • argue And if it fail anywhere, how can he argue that it must succeed everywhere?
  • ark In one of our earlier mysteries Noah's wife had refused to enter the ark .
  • ask One ask s what he feels that he may fairly claim and reasonably expect; "if a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father," Luke xi, 11; he begs for that to which he advances no claim but pity. Demand is a determined and often an arrogant word; one may rightfully demand what is his own or his due, when it is withheld or denied; or he may wrongfully demand that to which he has no claim but power. Require is less arrogant and obtrusive than demand, but is exceedingly strenuous; as, the court requires the attendance of witnesses. Entreat implies a special earnestness of ask ing, and beseech, a still added and more humble intensity; beseech was formerly often used as a polite intensive for beg or pray; as, I beseech you to tell me. To implore is to ask with weeping and lamentation; to supplicate is to ask , as it were, on bended knees. Crave and request are somewhat formal terms; crave has almost disappeared from conversation; request would seem distant between parent and child. Pray is now used chiefly of address to the Supreme Being; petition is used of written request to persons in authority; as, to petition the legislature to pass an act, or the governor to pardon an offender.
  • askew She rose from the table, dragging the cloth askew in her trailing, hysterical stagger.
  • auk "I shall," replied the Auk , and soared away.
  • awake "I've been awake all the while," he said, "watching your face.
  • awaken He would wait for the Elder to come, and in the meantime live in his memories, thinking of Amalia, and so awaken in himself one living emotion, sacred and truly sane.
  • aware I really was not aware before that Cro' Martin was regarded as an 'oubliette.
  • awe Deep awe had come to Skag.
  • axe Well, in that case-shall I get the axe ?
  • cake If any of the cake is left, you may next day cut it in slices and fry them in butter.
  • coke They had parted, indeed, on hearty terms and the understanding that there would be no further objection to the "coke-law" from the saloon keepers.
  • cooke Norfolk, had entered the ranks of the gentry sufficiently to have his coat-of-arms recognized by the Herald Cooke , who conducted the Visitation of Norfolk in that year.
  • ekg
  • gawk Everything was decidedly going wrong; and to be annoyed by that gawk of a girl in a time like the present was unbearable.
  • gawky She gave some encouragement to the gawky youth, but rather with a view of getting him to aid her in her escape than out of any regard to the over-sensitive stripling.
  • ike Some said the feller was crazy, and some said it was a put-up job to throw Ike and the others off the scent.
  • joke "I don't see as it's a joke ," said Mrs. Dryfoos.
  • quake Thus he stood before them, clutching the immortal confederatka to his bosom, and so overpowered with fear that he could only shiver and quake in speechless agony.
  • wake I'll wake you in an hour."
  • Awoken The sun was pouring through the barred window when he was awoken by the entrance of a gigantic figure bearing food and drink.
  • Eke Yet, even with all these things, it was hard work, and required economical management to eke it out.
  • Woke Mr. Paterson woke from the reverie in which he had been lost, and, regarding Donalblane with a half-puzzled, half-amused smile, asked- To-morrow?
  • Jake "Jake, here's a gentleman wants you to drive him out into the country,-" "I'll take the Swede.
  • Aggie Suppose I add a few from you for Aggie ."
  • Angie First Ase Tidditt, and then Bailey Bangs, and then that-that Angie Phinney.
  • awoke At the end of about fifteen hours, a stir about our camp suddenly awoke us.
  • awakes The man lifted his face toward the night-sky, becoming perfectly still before he spoke: "She is the breath of the early spring-time, when the pulse of the earth awakes .

8 words made from the letters AWQKE

  • 3 letter words made from AWQKE:

    awe, kea, kwa.
  • 4 letter words made from AWQKE:

    kaew, wake, weak, weka, wkaq.