What is the correct spelling for AZEALA?

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Correct spellings for AZEALA

  • abel Did he know about death before he saw Abel dead?
  • aisle Marjorie walked down the aisle behind Muriel, looking rather worried.
  • ala The following is taken from the "Alabama Argus," published at Dayton, Ala .
  • amelia You must go down, and ask Amelia to dance with you!
  • anneal When the substances to be operated upon are hard, they must frequently pass in succession through several holes, and it is in some cases necessary to anneal them at intervals.
  • appeal But appeal for help.
  • areal Existing areal relations of the solid to the fluid differ considerably from those presented by the maps of the physical portion of a more ancient geography.
  • assail He had shown those haughty Cavaliers that the garrison of Lyme was not to be so easily overcome as they had thought, and had taught them what they were to expect should they again venture to assail us.
  • aural Giddiness preceded by nausea suggests a gastric origin; if followed by nausea it points to an aural origin.
  • axial Our final word is that although the chances and the necessities of our voyage carried us farther towards the south pole than hose who preceded us, although we actually did pass beyond the axial point of the terrestrial globe, discoveries of great value still remain to be made in those waters!
  • azalea Beside the flowering azalea something was undoubtedly moving, and as they stood and watched, a strange figure slowly detached itself from the shadows and crept towards them.
  • easel Then she glanced at Walt, staring wooden-faced from his gilt frame upon his gilt easel , and shivered.
  • gazelle She squatted in the door, her eyes staring with the glazed inquiring expression of a dying gazelle , a bronze question to Fate.
  • hazel A black and white spotted veil, which, as was then the fashion, left the wearer's delicately cut sensitive mouth bare, shadowed her hazel eyes.
  • ideal She had met her ideal , and he was hers.
  • marsala The trait revealed the man-it was Cavour; he had just heard that Garibaldi, eluding the Neapolitan fleet, had disembarked with all his men at Marsala .
  • seal He scarcely noticed us; and taking your letter in his hand he placed it, without breaking the seal , on a seat in the porch.
  • tesla One of these is due to Mr. Tesla .
  • usual There were many more than usual .
  • zeal A rich harvest rewarded Mr. Lee's zeal .
  • zola Here Mill anticipates Zola , Ibsen and Freud.
  • Azaleas Drunk with the wine of life, he ran through a grove of scented pines, flanked by thickets of giant azaleas and taunting one onward and upward to where faint silver outlines traced upon the azure sky lured to distant peaks.
  • Asama Asama-yama is about 8,000 feet high, and is an active volcano.
  • Adela What can Lady Adela see in a fellow like that?
  • Avila Tortato, bishop of Avila , near the close of the fifteenth century, declares in his commentary on Genesis, that the Christian faith is shaken, if the earth is believed to be round.
  • Ayala Ayala's Establishment- A Promenade through their Cellars- M. Duminy's Cellars and Wines- His new Model Construction- The House Founded in 1814- Messrs.
  • Azania As there was a region named Azania in Arcadia, the reader may judge of my interpretation by the account given of the excellence of its waters.
  • Ella Ella Wheeler Wilcox needs no introduction to our readers.
  • Oneal Almost blind for 10 years with cataracts: cured by the Oneal Dissolvent Method in two months.
  • Amalia "I will accompany you," answered Clara, taking the arm of Sister Amalia ; and the two young ladies entered the convent together.
  • Adele She got ready for a walk and gave a few directions to Adele , the new servant, who was an elderly and rather patronising woman, thoroughly accustomed to service in the households of single ladies.
  • Eula There were miners in Bohemia, and he needed only descend the river for ten or twelve days, to Eula , where to gratify his desire he had only to mention it.
  • ARAL The medium is blank verse, of a partly but not wholly Miltonic stamp, very carefully written, and rising at the end into a really magnificent strain, with the famous picture of "the majestic river" Oxus floating on regardless of these human woes, to where the stars "Emerge, and shine upon the Aral Sea."
  • ESL
  • Osceola Learning that Price had left a large stock of ammunition at the important little town of Osceola , the head of navigation on the Osage River, under strong guard, Lane led his brigade a swift march from Kansas upon the town, and succeeded in surprising the garrison, which, after a brief resistance, retreated and left it to Lane's mercy, whereupon he proceeded to not only destroy the very considerable quantity of stores which Price had accumulated there, but to burn down the town.
  • Ascella

12 words made from the letters AZEALA

  • 3 letter words made from AZEALA:

    ala, ale, lea, lez, zea.
  • 6 letter words made from AZEALA:

  • 4 letter words made from AZEALA:

    azle, laza, laze, zaal, zala, zeal.