What is the correct spelling for BABBIAN?

If you meant to type "babbian" but it is misspelled, there are a few correct suggestions you might be looking for. It could be "baboon", referring to a type of primate. Another option might be "babbling", which means to speak rapidly and incoherently. Lastly, it could also be "barbian", perhaps a typo for "barbarian".

Correct spellings for BABBIAN

  • Babbitt George Babbitt is the main character in Sinclair Lewis' eponymous novel.
  • Barbican The Barbican Centre in London is a world-class venue for the performing arts.
  • Bastian Bastian loved nothing more than reading books in the cozy corner of his room.
  • Bobbin She wound the yarn around the bobbin and began to knit.
  • Fabian Fabian is an experienced lawyer with an impressive track record.
  • Gambian My friend just came back from a trip to The Gambia, and she told me all about the beautiful beaches and friendly Gambian locals.
  • Zambian The Zambian capital is Lusaka.