What is the correct spelling for BACHLERS?

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Correct spellings for BACHLERS

  • bachelor
  • bacillus It affects sucking calves chiefly, and is caused by the Bacillus necrophorus.
  • backless It was a very wet Sunday evening, but as 'bus-riding was dearer then than it is now, and my resources were slender, I walked about three miles through the heavy rain, and sat on a backless bench in Cleveland Hall, for which I think I paid twopence.
  • baseless From what materials did he create the "baseless fabric of this vision"?
  • bleachers The bleachers now went entirely mad, for from the very edge of disaster, the tide of battle was turned into the enemy's territory.
  • matchless He left her sewing white lace onto blue silk in a matchless tranquillity.
  • Beaches Ashore, the palms bent like grass in the succeeding gusts, and the ocean beaches reverberated with a furious surf.
  • Cochleas
  • battlers Scotty ran in and leaped for the battlers .
  • brawlers If they have at Rome such a republic as we have had in Florence, without a public, imposed by a few bawlers and brawlers on many mutes and cowards, why, the sooner it goes to pieces the better, of course.
  • bowlers For so small a place they certainly put a wonderfully strong team into the field; on their own native "bog" they are fairly invincible, though we fancy on the hard-baked clay at Lord's their bowlers would lose a little of their cunning.
  • buckles Tighten the saddle-girths and examine the buckles .
  • boilers Although nearly two-thirds of the actual fuel which we put into our body-boilers is in the form of a dozen or fifteen great staple foods, like bread, meat, butter, sugar, eggs, milk, potatoes, and fish, yet all the lighter foods, also, are needed for perfect health.
  • bachelors At that time there were only two really rich bachelors in New York society, Wright Sandford and William Douglass.
  • butchers The fat animals which had been slaughtered had been pronounced healthy by the butchers ."
  • babbles I should feel greatly flattered, but I fancy the question, being always on the top of your minds, simply babbles off.
  • baffles The amount of human misery which that frightful traffic entailed during those 240 years almost baffles the imagination.
  • broilers 69 4 dish pans 2.00 6 broilers .
  • bushels It has adjacent to it the finest wheat-growing country in the world, producing from 30 to 60 bushels per acre.
  • battles If he remembered those battles he would again hear the fading echoes of enemy minds dying within his, and he had had enough of that.
  • botchers They have been considered as botchers of rags and remnants; their diligence has not been accompanied by judgment; and their taste inclined more to the frivolous than to the useful.
  • babblers It is singular how willingly the mind will half deceive itself, and with what a degree of awe we will listen to these babblers about futurity.
  • bottlers In 1981, San Miguel spun off its soft drink businesses to a new company named Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc.
  • balers
  • bales The light from the solitary lantern fell on rows and rows of bales , arranged in neat straight lines, until away in the distance it suggested endless other shadowy bales , whose outlines could be little more than guessed at.
  • butlers
  • Baileys
  • bucklers The steeds and garments, too, of the lusty knights, of snow-white hue, were right well matched and all alike; the bucklers , fashioned well, gleamed in the hands of the stately men.
  • buglers
  • baubles
  • batches
  • cashless
  • unshaky
  • calcualtion
  • archaisms 1-that it contains too much learning; 2-that it abounds too much with classical allusions; 3-that it indulges in rare words or archaisms .
  • disrated
  • dissolvings
  • dissonancies
  • disthrones
  • distinguishings
  • unsturdy
  • divaricates
  • divaricatings

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