What is the correct spelling for BACKA?

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Correct spellings for BACKA

  • aback He made a movement as if he were surprised or taken aback , but answered in a moment: "She told you that I had asked her to marry me, I suppose?"
  • baa "I'm not one of your employees, to throw a fit when you put on the heavy pedal, and I'm not one of the lickspittles that are always baa -ing around the Golden Calf.
  • baccy She could tell, and was not ill paid for that precious knowledge, how often Betty Jackson went to buy baccy ; and how many times in the day Sally Wright looked over her shoulder at the passers-by while walking out with her master's children; and how many pots of porter were carried to one house, and how many times the ladies walked forth from another; besides innumerable other facts and anecdotes, which, though apparently not of sufficient importance to record, were nevertheless of great value to the vicar and to his curate, as themes to lecture upon in private, and preach upon in public.
  • bach A woman of sixty should hardly have been requiring lessons, especially after having been the wife of a professor who succeeded the "English Bach " as music-master to the Queen.
  • back That is about two years back .
  • backed The ship gathered way, but instead of keeping before the wind, the captain ordered the maintopsail to be backed , and we lay to waiting for the stranger, while our white flag with a red-cross was run up to the peak.
  • backer All sorts of advertisements from all sorts of people, offering almost any terms and conditions to a backer , appeared, and, as we write, are still appearing in the daily papers.
  • backup She'd said it was an easy way to make a safety backup .
  • bacon Cover them with thin slices of bacon or ham, and let them stew slowly on hot coals.
  • bag "O," quoth he, "in my bag ."
  • bake All my friends know that I can't bake .
  • baker Politics of Thearion the baker .
  • baku "I think so," said I, perhaps a little sharply, "that is, if it is not forbidden to go to Baku ."
  • balk In spite of the alarms and excitement of the night, of Gale's determination that de Spain should never leave the Gap with Nan, and of the rousing of every man within it to cut off their escape, Duke stubbornly refused to pursue the man he so hated or even to leave the house in any effort to balk his escape.
  • balky 225 The division started out like the horses of a balky team.
  • bank First came rumours about a certain bank .
  • bark There isn't any use in trying to save this bark under all the circumstances.
  • barker Mr. Burns, who quotes these instances in his "History of Parish Registers," adds that at this same time "one John Barker had three sons named John Barker , and two daughters named Margaret Barker ."
  • bask On these rocks crocodiles of various sizes used to bask with half opened jaws.
  • beak He had something in his beak ; so I watched to find his nest; for I wanted very much to see him at work.
  • beck This old man and his sonnes had not so few as two hundred at their commands, that were ever ready to ride with them to all actions, at their beck .
  • berk He is followed by Hennings, who under the same section of the genus, lists P. flavidus Berk .
  • bicker To bicker , argue, and debate would have been entirely at odds with its standards.
  • bike You bike down, or drive, and play tennis on hard clay courts, a very fast game; then play badminton inside when it gets dark, and the lamps are lit.
  • bk J. Tritthemii Epistolarum Familiarum, 1536, bk .
  • black I ain't got no black eye!
  • bock The man left his bock , and rising, joined Kenneth, who had drawn back into the darkness.
  • book I'll tell you all about it in my next book .
  • buck No use for a man to buck against the thing that's bound to be.
  • hack And the baronet stuck his glass in his eye, and scanned the stranger as unscrupulously as though he were a hack at Tattersairs.
  • jack I have nothing to forgive Jack after all.
  • lack We shall find no lack of thick ice to break through.
  • mack On my return to Cambridge I became affianced to Miss Mack , the eldest daughter of Dr. David Mack , with whom I had been boarding while I was occupied in painting the various pictures of the Oaks at Waverley.
  • pack Therefore, Edna was told she could pack up Ada's belongings and make ready for the return.
  • rack Everything goes to rack and ruin, unless we take constant care.
  • sack The dog waited till the thief had thrown the heavy sack over his shoulders, holding on to the mouth with both hands.
  • tack Mr. Grierson of Quendale has a station at Voe in tack , and the fishermen are not bound to fish for him unless they like.
  • Backs The girls turned their backs to the ship.
  • Becker Illustrated by Charlotte Becker .
  • Becky Becky, poor old girl!
  • barks Saba every little while plunged into the thicket from which came his happy barks .
  • bucks He said he was short of cash, but he slipped me twenty bucks to tie the option.
  • BIC We are returned from Bic , after passing a very agreable day.
  • BC Grooves forming the sides ab and bc of the triangular piece of horn are next made, and the horn contained within the lines ab, bc, and ca, carefully removed.
  • BBC
  • BUICK The "picnic" will then be held in the car, and nothing really quite carries one back to nature and primeval man as does warm lemonade and a lettuce sandwich in a Buick with the top up and side curtains on.
  • BIKO
  • Becks She courted it first by nods, and becks and smiles at Marianne whenever she met her; and Marianne, who was a very little girl, began presently to nod and smile in return, persuaded that a lady who smiled so much, could not be ill-natured.
  • Baikal
  • almsgivings
  • amnemonic
  • amoebalike
  • antithesize
  • antithesized
  • antithesizes

9 words made from the letters BACKA

  • 3 letter words made from BACKA:

    aba, abc, aka, baa, cab.
  • 5 letter words made from BACKA:

    aback, baack, backa.
  • 4 letter words made from BACKA: