What is the correct spelling for BACKB?

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Correct spellings for BACKB

  • babe
  • baby He spent whole days with his little baby -girl in divine nonsense.
  • baccy There was not much else poor Judy could do, except smoke her pipe when, by some lucky chance, a "bit o' baccy " came in her way: she was not only old and lame, but half-witted, very nearly "innocent."
  • back "I have come to take you back ," he said.
  • backbite There were few other women except the old crones from the hospitals and nurseries, who were never absent when there was an opportunity to weep or to backbite .
  • backbone He was a good, weak sort of man; but he had not sufficient backbone , and when the tide sat dead against him he lost courage.
  • backed It was just upon her when her father backed the horse.
  • backer This gives the authority; this is the unseen backer , which makes every promise good.
  • backup When they woke, this event - everything following the backup - would never have happened for them.
  • bacon It would have surprised Bacon to have been told, that the most learned men in Europe have studied English authors to learn to think and to write.
  • bag Get out my bag , I said!
  • bake "But you can't bake your bread in such a play-stove as that," commented the American.
  • baker I recollected that I had to meet Mr Selwyn and Lionel in Baker Street, and I resolved that I would go there with my effects early the next morning and leave them in charge of the cook, who was taking care of the house.
  • baku But the road from Tiflis to Baku is the abomination of desolation, a bald plain, covered with sand and created for Persians, tarantulas, and phalangas to live in.
  • barb My grandfather had a barb of thees kind-but she has gone dead, and so have my grandfather.
  • bark She could tell their names by the bark or the shape of the leaves.
  • beak What he wanted was lads that would get the beak straightened, pretty near as good as new, or proper gold ones put in, and come back looking for more trouble.
  • beck I pretend, however, to be at her beck and call, and it is a delight to minister to her radiant happiness-to feel her lean on my arm and hear her cooing voice say: You are so good.
  • bib Beneath the demure bib of her professional apron there beat still a woman's heart.
  • bk 9. See St. John of the Cross, Mount Carmel, bk .
  • blab And the mere surmise prompted you to blab to my husband, arouse his suspicions?
  • bob If you will wait here for Bob , I'll run over to the office and answer those telegrams."
  • bock Thus Carl Bock , the same author who has given such a terrible picture of head-hunting, writes: As regards morality, I am bound to assign to the Dayaks a high place in the scale of civilization....
  • buck "The worst case of buck -fever I ever saw was on a buffalo hunt I had with a fellow named Williams," went on Jones.
  • cab It was something to look forward to, in the cab , coming home.
  • cob The bees, with their front door blocked by the corn cob , hummed furiously.
  • cub "The cub cuts his teeth, then!
  • gab Ye see, sir, they're an ignorant lot, and can easy be talked over by chaps with the gift of the gab , like Svorenssen and Van Ryn.
  • jab He whirled to come back at the girl-and that time he seemed sure to give that vicious, ripping jab he had so narrowly missed giving before; even the girl saw that he would, and turned a little pale, and Tejon's eyes glazed with terror.
  • jacob 17. Jacob saw that he might now venture to reveal the whole truth.
  • kb
  • scab Out of six ewes which I brought to the island, five died with the scab , notwithstanding every possible care was taken of them; and one of my sows was poisoned, by eating something noxious in the woods.
  • Backs After the usual nearly three hours' work to water our horses, we turned our backs for the last time upon Glen Thirsty, where we had so often returned with exhausted and choking horses.
  • Bub Now, bub, don't get us wrong.
  • Becky Sir W. also admires Miss Becky Duguid, and said he thought her quite a new character.
  • barks Almost directly she heard the sound of wheels, and Caroline jumping down with her lopetty movement, delivered herself up to a succession of calm barks .
  • bucks The Caldwell beauty lays out her game as slow an' delib'rate as trees; Bloojacket lookin' on with onwinkin' eye, while the red-blanket bucks plays along an' never a whisper of interest.
  • BIC
  • CB
  • BC
  • BBC
  • Becks
  • almsgivings
  • amnemonic
  • amoebalike
  • antithesize
  • antithesized
  • antithesizes

3 words made from the letters BACKB

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    abc, cab.
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