What is the correct spelling for BADBOY?

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Correct spellings for BADBOY

  • adobe Some are admirably constructed, like the great Pueblo houses of the southwest, made of stone and adobe mud; others are frail structures of brush and thatch.
  • babe Her father had died when she was but a babe .
  • baby There is a great difference between one's thought about an infant, and one's feeling towards the actual baby .
  • bad With Jane often here it has been bad enough!
  • baddie This would have been a real baddie if we hadn't caught it when we did.
  • bade They all fell a-laughing at me as I had been a fool, and bade me go home to my mother and clean the potatoes.
  • badger "Talking of husbands," he said, "how's the Torpichen Badger ?"
  • badly Jane has taken it rather badly .
  • balboa O phantoms of Cortes, Balboa , and De Soto, wert thou there?
  • bamboo You should have furnished in bamboo .
  • baobab The sun penetrating through the baobab leaves cast quivering bright spots upon their brown backs.
  • barb He had hurt it on a wire barb when he was plunging through the snow after Danny Meadow Mouse, and now he had to run on three legs.
  • barbed There was a barbed -wire fence stretching away and away until the posts were mere pencil lines against the blue, where the fence dipped over the last hill before the sky bent down and kissed the earth.
  • barber A Brush for the Barber .
  • bartok "How about some Bartok , Paul?
  • baton The leader; catching sight of Jethro's party, and of Ephraim's corded army hat, made a bow, waved his baton , and they struck up "Marching through Georgia."
  • batty They're going batty trying to find El Hassan.
  • bawdily
  • bawdy When she saw him come nigh, she said, Away, kitchen knave, out of the wind, for the smell of thy bawdy clothes grieveth me.
  • beady He wore a faded brown sweater with crossed oars dividing the letters F H. Roy experienced a touch of respect for him as a member of the crew quite out of keeping with the feeling of amusement aroused by his lanky body, unkempt hair and unpleasant beady brown eyes.
  • bedaub Against which he prepares to bedaub him, and swears he will do it from the beginning, from Jersey to this day.
  • bedbug "Back in 1929, Stephen thought I was crazy as a bedbug to sell all my securities and take a paper loss, around the first of September.
  • bellboy He had not fully made up his mind what excuse he would give Jennie for staying away, and the wait after a bellboy at Mount Holly Inn had been sent to find Miss Jennie gave him time to think this over.
  • biddy "Let him cry his fill," said old Biddy the maid,-"let him cry his fill, and it will do him good."
  • bimbo And all the time the thumb stuck fast and the fingers wiggled from the end of the nose of Bimbo the Snip.
  • bobby So Bobby sat still, and when she returned, obediently opened his mouth; but alas!
  • bodily The danger which threatened us was not bodily death, for from that we are not delivered.
  • body What is the human body , in the view of the Christian?
  • bombay And is not this the universal experience, from San Francisco to Bombay ?
  • booby "I have been asked to present you with the booby prize," she said with a dangerous twinkle in the grey eyes.
  • bubo I met this noon with Dr. Burnett, who told me, and I find in the newsbook this week that he posted upon the 'Change, that whoever did spread the report that, instead of the plague, his servant was by him killed, it was forgery, and shewed me the acknowledgment of the master of the pest-house, that his servant died of a bubo on his right groine, and two spots on his right thigh, which is the plague.
  • buddy Let you be gentle with the girl, Buddy .
  • busboy A busboy refilled their water, and Hershie took a long sip, staring off into the middle distance.
  • busby "You be off, Busby .
  • tabby "Yes, he behaved very nicely," answered Cousin Tabby .
  • taboo During the five or six days of the great Dionysia, the whole city was in a state of unwonted sanctity, under a taboo .
  • tabor Potwin, 2; Postville, Ladies, 1; Tabor , Ladies' H.
  • Badder Then after a silence, "I suppose she wants to come badder than anyone else, but-mother, do you think, do you really think I ought to invite her?"
  • Barton While travelling this day, Corporal Graham overtook me with letters from Buree, and a cart had also been sent after us by Mr. Barton with a small supply of corn.
  • Bilbo He carried with him the shackle of the bilbo-bolt that was about his leg, which was taken from him, as soon as he got on shore, by one of the chiefs, and given to Omai, who came on board very early in the morning, to acquaint me that his mortal enemy was again let loose upon him.
  • Darby We're quite an old Darby and Joan.
  • Bambi E.T. is just like Bambi .
  • Barbour Barbour informs us, that he thinks it unnecessary to rehearse the account of a victory, gained in Eskdale over the English, because -Whasa liks, thai may her Young women, when thai will play, Syng it among thaim ilk day.
  • Barbie What have you been doing, Barbie ?
  • Baden "I was at Baden at the time you mention," said he, coldly.

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