What is the correct spelling for BARBA?

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Correct spellings for BARBA

  • aba Aba Ton sug ato.
  • baa Possibly she thinks "baa" is spelled with only one "a."
  • babe At length, rumor reaches her that her babe , Arthur, is at their brother Dole's.
  • baby The most fear of them was that they might come at night and change a baby for one that was no good.
  • balboa In 1513, Balboa crossed the Isthmus to the Pacific Ocean-an event second in its far-reaching consequences only to Columbus's first voyage.
  • baobab At length, one night Major Bravida went to Baobab Villa and said very solemnly, "Tartarin, you must go!"
  • bar If he comes to the Bar Double G he'll find he is at the wrong address.
  • barb "One would think you blamed Ethie entirely, or at least that you were indifferent to her happiness," she said, removing her lace barb , and unfastening the heavy switch bound about her head.
  • barbary To destroy works of vast extent, which were the bulwark of Christendom against the Barbary pirates, would practically have involved the handing over of Valetta to those pests of the Mediterranean; and from Malta as a new base of operations they could have spread devastation along the coasts of Sicily and Italy.
  • barbed His mind felt like one whose shoes were trapped in the coils of fallen barbed wire.
  • barbel "We have just reached the place I wanted," answered Barbel .
  • barber Turning slowly she was making her way toward the gypsy camp when a voice called, "O Anne, wait a minute," and Marian Barber fluttered up accompanied by a tall, dark young man.
  • barbuda After beating out of the harbour, and rounding the east end of the island, under the pilotage of the regular skipper, Captain Quasho, they had a fair wind for Barbuda , where they arrived early in the day, and cast anchor in a small harbour.
  • bard Thy Verse, harmonious Bard , and flatt'ring Song, Can make the Vanquish'd great, the Coward strong: Thy Verse can shew ev'n Cromwell's Innocence, And complement the Storms that bore him hence.
  • bare The flat ground immediately before him was bare of living or moving objects.
  • bark Scarcely had he finished the line when there came through the darkness, as if in response, a short, sharp bark of a dog.
  • barn If you're particular about a soft bed there's hay in the barn ."
  • bars But this time I did not content myself with merely looking through the bars of the gate.
  • bart They stared up at the statue of Jean-Bart, and asked a few questions of a French officer who walked with a shorter step beside them.
  • berber Their common enemy is the Arabic, which is daily making inroads upon them; and the probability is, instead of being moulded into one mighty whole, they will in the course of a few centuries be destroyed by the language of their religion, for which the Berber tribes have a superstitious reverence.
  • bib Looking down on the stream the sudden glory of a kingfisher passed before me; but the sooty-brown water-ouzel with his white bib , a haunter, too, of this water, I did not see.
  • bob "I was making my thirty bob a week regular.
  • boob This thick-skulled boob wouldn't give me time for a word, and every minute is precious!
  • bra She removed her bra slowly, watching him with pleasure.
  • bubo Foedaque fit volucris venturi nuncia luctus, Ignavus bubo , dirum mortalibus omen.
  • garb Evidently the object he wanted was not to be found about his civilian garb .
  • Barbara Here his once friendly relation with Barbara Meade no longer existed.
  • Bub What are you, bub-a detective?
  • Bambi "And they liked it," Bambi said, reaching for her furs, her bag, and her umbrella, strewn under the seat in her trance.
  • Barr When she died my name was not Blodgett but Bessie Barr .
  • Barbour This gentleman I had known slightly before my difficulty with Judge Barbour ; but the intimacy which sprung up between Fairfax and myself, after that affair, brought me more in contact with Mr. Smith, who was his constant companion.
  • Barbie Now, my Barbie , listen to me.
  • Barbra Duets (retitled Star Collection in some countries) is a compilation album by American singer Barbra Streisand, released on November 26, 2002, by Columbia Records.
  • barbs He had made harpoon heads with two or three barbs , and now he was trying to make a harpoon with four or five barbs on each side.
  • burbs Screenwriter Dana Olsen based the script, under the working title Life in the Burbs , on experiences from his own childhood: "I had an ultranormal middle-class upbringing, but our town had its share of psychos.
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