What is the correct spelling for BATLLE?

If you've accidentally typed "batlle" instead of "battle", fret not! Here are some correct suggestions for the misspelling: "battle", "bottle", "ballet" or "battlefield". Remember to proofread your writing to catch such errors or rely on spelling and grammar tools for assistance.

Correct spellings for BATLLE

  • babble The toddler would babble happily as she played with her toys.
  • baffle The instructions were so convoluted that they completely baffle me.
  • bale
  • ball Can you please pass me the ball?
  • balled After the concert, the crowd balled up their trash and threw it away in the designated bins.
  • ballet I recently attended a ballet performance.
  • bally
  • bastille The fall of the Bastille was a key moment in the French Revolution.
  • bate They used a piece of meat to bate the hook before casting their fishing line into the water.
  • battle The battle was fierce, but the team eventually emerged victorious.
  • Battled The horse battled the rope that bound it.
  • battler I am a battler against cancer.
  • battles The soldiers fought brave battles to defend their country.
  • bauble She placed her delicate bauble on the coffee table.
  • belle After lunch, we went for a walk in the park. It was a beautiful Belle day.
  • bottle She stored her possessions in a large plastic bottle.
  • braille The visually impaired student used a braille typewriter to complete her assignments.
  • cattle I need to get some cattle to feed my flock.
  • rattle The loud noise of construction nearby continued to rattle the windows.
  • tattle I promised my sister that I wouldn't tattle on her, even though she broke Mom's vase.
  • wattle I have a large wart on my neck which I was told is called a wattle.