What is the correct spelling for BEA?

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Correct spellings for BEA

  • ba Ba gosh, I'm glad!
  • baa Mrs. Sheep, out in the farmer's pasture, called to her little lamb, "Baa!"
  • be And Miss Preston can be the Goddess.
  • bead But Stas, during the twinkling of an eye, perceived that the bead of the rifle was in a direct line with the forehead of the animal-and pulled the trigger.
  • beak The Englishman, beak nosed, high nostrilled, fair, and tall, was typical of his race.
  • beam The beam ought to hang straight.
  • bean I'll not take a bean from you."
  • bear The same came for witness, that he might bear witness of the light, that all might believe through him.
  • beat But I'll be blowed if ever I have seen anything to beat this.
  • beau The Beau Defeated; or the Lucky Younger Brother.
  • bed I'm off t' bed !
  • bee It was observed that her companions of both sexes seemed to defer to her, and we fancied that she must be a sort of queen bee in the Lapps' hive.
  • beg I beg of you not to spare me.
  • ben One night I took ben a roasted fish in one hand and a piece of bread in the other.
  • bet I'll bet you didn't know.
  • beta These societies were in general boyish imitations of the Freemasons, though the most eminent, the Phi Beta Kappa, was an old and dignified institution, having been founded in 1776, at William and Mary College, whence it soon spread to Harvard and Yale, eventually establishing itself in most of the principal colleges of the country; at Union, under the control of the faculty, it became the high literary distinction of the class, only the third of the class with the highest collective record being admitted at graduation.
  • bey My father was Solari Bey , who had the House of the Cedars near the cemetery in Pera.
  • boa "He did so, sir," resumed Magennis, "and he got his pay, and there's nothing between us; and I told him so, and more besides; for I said, 'You may flatter them and crawl to them; you may be as servile as a serpent or a boa -constrictor to them; but take my word for it, Mister Joe,-or Counsellor Nelligan, if you like it better,-they'll never forget who and what you are,-the son of old Dan there, of the High Street,-and you 've a better chance to be the Chief Justice than the husband of Mary Martin!
  • bra But neither could there be any Abra, if Cada and Bra did not surround it.
  • ea It is approached by a fine gate-way, over which the arms of the house of Alba, emblazoned in colored tiles, are encircled by flags taken in many hard-fought battles, the insignia of the Golden Fleece, and the significant motto, "Tu in ea ego pro ea ."
  • lea The late Archdeacon Lea in his excellent book "Small Farms" dwells strongly on the folly of buying cheap stuff.
  • pea Val jerked a sweet-pea viciously from its stem, pressed her hand against her mouth, and turned reluctantly toward him.
  • sea If the sea happens to be rough, however, this is not possible.
  • tea Athena would be annoyed if she were not back by tea -time.
  • yea We have seen that it is not matter; yea , more, that it is not a property of matter; therefore that it is immaterial.
  • DEA "I'm sure," she said humbly, "it's a nice i-dea.
  • Bela However, the newcomers, though dark as Negro Bela slaves, wore Tuareg dress, loose baggy trousers of dark indigo-blue cotton cloth, a loose, nightgownlike white cotton shirt, and over this a gandoura outer garment.
  • BIA There was a wheezy steam launch belonging to the trading post which would tow the boats up the Bia River as far as they desired.
  • BSA
  • all-firedest