What is the correct spelling for BEEDS?

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Correct spellings for BEEDS

  • beads Mea loves her very much-and beads also.
  • beats "Beats me," I said.
  • bends Stas, at that moment, jumped out of the tree and, avoiding the bends of the ravine, ran to the passageway.
  • deeds It is only too true that the "means to do ill deeds makes ill deeds done."
  • leeds The present writer contributed an article to the Alpine Journal of August 1892, and one containing very clear illustrations of 'back-and-knee' work and of an episode in the long climb on the Pillar Rock to the pages of Black and White, in June 1892, while numerous articles have appeared from time to time in such local papers as the Whitehaven News and the West Cumberland Times, and in the Manchester, Leeds , and Bradford press.
  • needs I shall stay by him; he needs me, I think.
  • weeds The lawn, next to The Prince, was his greatest pride, and some weeds were beginning to come up.
  • Seeds He looks to the future with confidence because the present contains the seeds of future well-being.
  • Bets There were bets offered and taken before he was half-way to the stable.
  • Beds But at the break in my sentence, his voice came back in good-natured tones and I heard: Supper will be ready at nine, and there are beds for all.
  • Beers Our plans were changed almost immediately; we decided to try our luck at Old De Beers .
  • Bees She sighed, and wondered whether the bees would enable her to buy him such things, for though the house was well furnished and apparently surrounded with wealth, they were extremely poor.
  • Beets Turnips and beets were cut up together, mixed with bran, and then boiled in an immense kettle, the finishing touch being added by dipping a pound of tallow candles into the steaming mixture.
  • bids He bids fair to be like his parents, tall and commanding in figure; a pleasant smile lighted up his face as he watched with evident interest every detail of the parade.
  • birds And the sky-so clear-and the bright sun and the spring life and the singing of the birds ?
  • heeds Once aroused in this way he heeds no danger, and the eye must be clear and the muscles steady to stop him surely ere he reaches the thicket where the hunter is concealed.
  • bards Ye greater bards the lyre should hit, To say what subject is more fit, Than to record the sparkling wit And bloom of lovely Peggy.
  • breeds Two boats floated upon its surface, bearing northward, manned for the most part by half-breeds and Indians.
  • buds The trees are clothed with green buds and tender leaves.
  • feeds Love feeds wisdom, and wisdom feeds love; and the loving and the wise embrace in their own light.
  • bodes When a man bleeds inwardly, it is a dangerous thing for himself; but when he laughs inwardly, it bodes no good to other people.
  • BODS
  • BEEPS The tugs would be able to find the planetoid by following the beeps.
  • beards He argued that if the wonderful ointment made beards for men, it must be good for lions also.
  • beefs The man may be grouchy without assuming to give a reason therefor, but when he "beefs" he usually thinks there is cause for it.
  • bides I shall never see him more, sir, nor you either, nor any other man that bides to the right side of his coffin."
  • reeds Leap from the quaking reeds; Their hoarse bays shake the forests round, With keen cries on the track they bound,-- Swift, swift the dark stag speeds! – Dark Stag, The by Isabella Valancy Crawford
  • bleeds A rope cuts both my wrists behind; And I think, by the feel, my forehead bleeds, For they fling, whoever has a mind, Stones at me for my year's misdeeds. – Patriot, The by Robert Browning
  • adjied
  • adjoinings
  • adscription
  • all-iteration
  • apostheosized
  • apostheosizing
  • apostrophizing
  • apotheosed
  • disenablement

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