What is the correct spelling for BEGIS?

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Correct spellings for BEGIS

  • aegis
  • beg Refused to grovel, he refused to beg Stepped on the trigger and lost his leg – Mantrap by G.B.H.
  • begin Anither course I now begin, The weeg I'll cairry for my sin, – To The Commissioners Of Northern Lights by Robert Louis Stevenson
  • beige
  • bogus
  • Bis His last sou had gone to Madame Bidoux, who kept a small green grocer's shop at No. 213 bis and rented a ridiculously small back room for a ridiculously small weekly sum to Aristide whenever he honoured the French capital with his presence.
  • Bogies Madge is afraid of bogies.
  • Buggies Here they climbed into one of the light and graceful buggies which were at that time a source of such pride to their owners, and flashed out into the street behind Mr. Orde's celebrated team.
  • Bogeys There are journeys a Frenchman dare not take because, before he reached their end, he would be confronted by one of those bogeys before which the stoutest French heart quails-"C'est inadmissible," "C'est convenu," "La patrie en danger."
  • Bess Would she, could she, send Bess away?
  • Beaks 4. Why have marsh birds such long beaks?
  • Bees "The man who found out so much about bees.
  • bags "Beside," with an inspiration, "you'd like your hands free to help your mother carry her bags , wouldn't you?"
  • begs But Dana begs to be lifted in his blanket and carried some distance up-stream, where he can lie on the sand and get away from the sound of others' suffering, and Wayne and Hunter, with two or three men, bear him thither, and there, under the starlight and the waning moon, they lie at full length and softly talk over the situation.
  • bugs She can make bugs that will eat up everything which human ingenuity ever tried to raise.
  • begets It has been well observed that "men are so constituted that completeness gives a special kind of satisfaction of its own, and a habit of specially regarding the general uniformity of nature begets a desire to assume its absolute and universal uniformity."
  • beggars There were a couple of other chaps in the carriage, innocent-looking young beggars , both of them.
  • begins Gregoire begins very badly.
  • bogs Her own humble and obscure origin stirred within her,-her, the granddaughter of peasants who had trotted their bogs ,-and she gave no heed to her lover's gentility or lack of it, in her unconscious tendency, even her active willingness, to "revert."
  • burgs But great waxed the wrath of Grimhild; there huge in the hall she stood, And her fathers' might stirred in her, and the well-spring of her blood; And she cried out blind with anger: "Though all we die on one day, Though we live for ever in sorrow, yet shalt thou be given away To Atli the King of the mighty, high lord of the Eastland gold: Drink now, that my love and my wisdom may thaw thine heart grown cold; And take those great gifts of our giving, the cities long builded for thee, The wine-burgs digged for thy pleasure, the fateful wealthy lea, The darkling woods of the deer, the courts of mighty lords, The hosts of men war-shielded, the groves of fallow swords!"
  • brigs The Revolution followed, and the whalemen of Nantucket and New Bedford stripped their vessels, sent down yards and all running rigging, stowed the sails, tied their barks and brigs to the deserted wharves and went out of business.
  • BXS
  • BERKS At Sonning, Berks , there is a small stone desk attached to a pillar for the service-book to rest on.
  • baggies
  • Becks
  • boogies
  • adjies
  • all-firedest
  • almsgivings
  • antichrists
  • antipastos
  • antipathized
  • arbitraments
  • unenthusiasm
  • arbitrarinesses
  • unwasteful
  • dog-paddling
  • dogcatchers
  • dogpaddled
  • dogpaddles
  • endemics

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