What is the correct spelling for BERADE?

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Correct spellings for BERADE

  • abrade If, however, the surfaces are pressed together sufficiently to abrade the hard skin from the cast iron, a rapid cutting immediately takes place, which is very difficult to remove.
  • bade The few natives who understood, bade them good-bye for this earth.
  • bared To their great astonishment the maidens, who did not know the sea retreated, saw how while they were bathing the water had bared the sand, leaving it full of little pools.
  • barred She barred his way.
  • bead Nevertheless he went on talking in exactly the same tone of voice, without a contraction of a single facial muscle, with nothing at all shown unless perhaps a bead of perspiration on his forehead.
  • beaded The small size of the wings in a and b is due to the action of a modifier of the nature of "beaded" which has been eliminated in c, d.
  • beady But, then, his eyes were too beady to have any human expression; perhaps it was more this than a contempt for vapid compliment that made him seem unsympathetic.
  • beard It's a big chap with a brown beard .
  • bearded Jack heard a rustle behind him, and turned quickly, but not soon enough to escape the quick rush of three big, strong, bearded men who sprang upon him and his companions and held them fast.
  • bede Bede was born in 674, fifty years after the flight of Mahomet from Mecca.
  • berate Furthermore, parents should not scold or berate the child because he stammers or stutters.
  • beret This happened with Beret , while Mildrid only gained by being forbearing and kind and sympathetic-and she made her parents and grandparents happy.
  • berried We berried it verry deep and it better remain here.
  • bored Nels looked up at him in a bored way, but he still held.
  • brad "Brad," she said anxiously, "what are the boys doing?"
  • brady There was no need for Mrs. Brady to speak.
  • braid Her smooth rolls of hair and trim braid did not need re-arranging, and she hurried downstairs to the desk with the troublesome box, which she gave into the charge of the clerk.
  • brat Are you mad to disgrace your family by marrying a beggar's brat ?
  • bread Upon bread and water.
  • breed And thus the breed of the Gothamites has been perpetuated even unto this day.
  • breeder Woman is degraded into a breeder !
  • bride The house is filled with servants on account of the wedding, and you would fare ill if you desired to see the bride with this face.
  • broad The fun down there became rather broad .
  • buried She had been sitting, her face buried in her arms, crushed beneath the knowledge of what she had done.
  • burred Neither did he seem disturbed when a rattler burred in the bunch-grass.
  • byrd Suddenly there was a lull, then a short cry, then a woman's voice rose clear, ringing, and commanding, and Mr. Byrd caught the following words: "What is this I hear?
  • byroad Baldwin's brigade, leaving the intrenchments at 6 A.M., marched by the right flank out a narrow and obstructed byroad , crossed the valley in front of the works, and, while ascending the slope beyond, encountered what they supposed to be a line of pickets.
  • Berated He walked with a cane, and seldom without the patient, much-berated Wade at his elbow, a prop against the dreaded day when his legs would go back on him and the brink would appear abruptly out of nowhere at his very feet.
  • Brae They scarce the other brae had won, When twenty men they saw pursue; Frae Newcastle toun they had been sent, A' English lads baith stout and true.
  • Breaded Place the "breaded slices" in a dripping pan, put fat in bits over the top and bake for about half a hour or until the crumbs are brown.
  • Bred It is not bred in the bone of you as it is bred in us.
  • Breads The improvement in flavor and freshness of cakes, breads and mush made from home ground wheat and corn will absolutely prove a revelation.
  • brads Yes, they set in a light cushion sole, with a half dozen blade-pointed brads under it that would break through after a little use.
  • broader There I found, to my surprise, that its channel was very deep and full of water, being broader than that of the main river.

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