What is the correct spelling for BERKEIEY?

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Correct spellings for BERKEIEY

  • bake I'll bake 'em Thanksgivin' mornin'.
  • bakery For several weary weeks I trudged daily to the bakery, vainly hoping for an answer.
  • barge The barge, wherein lay the queen, had sails of purple and gold.
  • bark Once they heard the sharp bark of Reddy Fox, but it was a long way off, and Peter smiled, for he knew that Reddy was hunting on the edge of the Green Forest.
  • barkeep These signs, together with a buttonless blue shirt that showed his hairy bosom, a frightful beard and hair beneath a hat that drooped like a wilted palm-leaf, were the circumstantial evidences from which Judge Barkeep made his decision.
  • barker Wilkinson Richard Rabone Thomas Care 1768 Gregory Hicks W. Russell, esq; Thomas Bingham John Moody 1769 James Male Samuel Ray Thomas Gisborne William Mansell 1770 Joshua Glover Thomas Russell T. Lutwyche Thomas Barker 1771 John Harris J. Hornblower Thomas Cooper Walter Salt 1772 William Holden Jos.
  • barkley A new voice was growling on the radio, and he recognized it as Captain Barkley, his usually jovial, slightly cynical commanding officer.
  • beak I might have taken him for a sentry but for a bright object which he held in his beak.
  • beaked Finally, Emperor Euphrates signaled straw-thin Ampho, the Royal Crier, who stuck his beaked nose into the air and closed his eyes as he sounded out, considerably less loudly than in open court, "All keep silence before the great Emperor Euphrates!"
  • beaker At last he threw the tin beaker aside as if in disgust.
  • beck Of the 249 illustrations about half are by Burgkmair, most of the others by Beck.
  • becket For upon old London Bridge, the first stone bridge, built in the end of the twelfth century, there stood in the very midst of it a chapel of marvellous beauty with a crypt, from which by a flight of steps one might reach the river, dedicated in honour of St Thomas Becket.
  • beefy "Oh, Sirzob, here, can prove anything, if you give him time," the beefy one laughed.
  • beige I remember, Monroe, that your major and you would have sent me out of this, but you know well enough that there's only one place for me to-night, and the question is, where is the battalion-Ypres Barracks, Chateau Beige, Zillebeck, or where?
  • berg We were but a very little berg, nay, not a berg, but rather a sheet of ice lying indifferently flat upon the sea, and, as I believe, without much depth.
  • bergen In '52, through the influence of Ole Bull, he became director of the theatre at Bergen, for which he wrote a great deal.
  • berk 28.-Perpendicular section through Lamproderma scintillans, Berk.
  • berkeley "The Berkeley, at eight," Judy continued.
  • bike Frank was through with the old bike when he handed it down to us smaller kids.
  • bookie Then they set sail after the poor bookie, and caught him about seven or eight miles away.
  • buckeye So all-pervading was the darkness that the mere opening of the "Emporium" front door shot out an illuminating shaft which revealed the whole length of the little main street of "Buckeye," while the simple passing of a single figure before one of the windows momentarily eclipsed a third of the settlement.
  • burke So is Sheriff Burke," volunteered Alan gloomily.
  • Barked The house looked more cheerful, now that the Venetian blinds were drawn up, and on the balcony stood a little dog, who when he saw me stop at the gate, barked furiously.
  • Becker She turned to meet the beaming face of old Christian Becker, the editor-proprietor of the Morning Star, who was hurrying towards her as fast as his short, fat person would permit him.
  • Berger It is said that his conversion was due to Victor Berger of Milwaukee.
  • Becky "Becky, this is Briar Dale-in other words, Rose Dale.
  • Bertie Bertie turned his head.
  • Berle
  • Bernie So I went over and asked Bernie; her baby isn't but three weeks old, you know, and I thought she might bring it over here.
  • BERKS The boughs of the island trees obstructed the Berks channel more than now, and this may explain the delusion.
  • jerkier And just now the bumping of the Tube train shaped his emotion into something that began with Success that poisons many a baser mind With thoughts of self, may lift- but stopped there because, when he changed into another train, the jerkier movement altered the rhythm into something more lyrical, and he got somewhat confused between the two and ended by losing both.
  • beerier
  • fini