What is the correct spelling for BESAIDE?

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Correct spellings for BESAIDE

  • aside "That fellow there," and Jack turned the light upon something at his feet and then pushed it aside .
  • bade She bade the two men good night and went slowly upstairs.
  • baize Two baize -covered forms were there for the accommodation of various classes which the rector held; a prayer desk faced east in the one orderly corner of the room.
  • based He would never understand-could never understand-on what these jealous sisters of his based their claims.
  • baste "Sir," began I, my head full of battle-fields, and my arm of inclination to baste him; and Berga feared the very worst, as I gave her the well-known anger and alarm signal, namely, shoved up my cap to my hindhead,-"Sir, is this your way of treating guests?
  • bead The delicate bead curtains that glitter like a rain of green and white and rose-coloured jewels give you a feeling of privacy, for you can see through them without being seen.
  • beaded A black satin, well made, and trimmed with beaded passementerie, is perhaps the handsomest dress that could be worn by any one.
  • beads Had the coin been accidentally torn away from a chain or string of prayer-beads the link would have presented a different sort of opening.
  • beady But the novelist looked at her out of his beady , black eyes,-indulgently, kindly,-but through and through, as if he had known her before she was born and knew the worth of every heart-beat in her....
  • beaked At the honest squire's word of command, a male peregrine is forthwith despatched, and, soaring upwards into the air, he is almost lost to sight in the clouds, though the faint tinkling of the bells attached to his feet may yet be heard; then, stooping from the skies, the tiercel-gentle descends from the heavens and strikes his long-beaked adversary.
  • beard His arms went round her, and his face with the rough beard -such a man's face it had become since it last brushed her's-was crushed against her cheek.
  • beast Skag had just made sure the beast was dead, when he heard: "Nels, Nels!
  • bede I suppose Bede must be pretty easy.
  • bedside He followed me to the bedside and bent over her.
  • besides "Besides, I shall have to tell 'em, too, as likely as not.
  • best It is the best thing that could have happened to him.
  • bested The episode meant more to him than being bested in play by the best swordsman in England-for that surely was no disgrace-to Henry it seemed prophetic of the outcome of a future struggle when he should stand face to face with the real De Montfort; and then, seeing in De Vac only the creature of his imagination with which he had vested the likeness of his powerful brother-in-law, Henry did what he should like to have done to the real Leicester.
  • bestir The development of agriculture, and the growth of the tree-planting spirit, which began to bestir itself about the beginning of last century, have given to the Border its modern picturesqueness and its look of prosperity.
  • betide His parting injunction to them had been, that whatever might betide , 'they should keep together'.
  • biased The one will portray Miss Burney, hopeless of ever inducing a biased public to read a woman's work, making a bonfire of the manuscripts to which she had devoted such patient care.
  • bide The boy shouted something from the pier-end, to which his father's shouted reply was that he must bide a minute and he would come to see himself.
  • reside One of the present nobility, of distinguished taste, examining the works, with the master, purchased some of the articles, amongst others, a toy of eighty guineas value, and, while paying for them, observed with a smile, "he plainly saw he could not reside in Birmingham for less than two hundred pounds a day."
  • sade
  • said
  • seaside I looked as if I had been to the seaside for a holiday, my cheeks were so red!
  • side
  • Beamed Complacency shone over the speaker's shrivelled cheeks, and beamed from his horn-spectacles.
  • Belied The room was furnished in a dark and restful fashion; and since the chill of the weather belied the calendar, a comfortable fire blazed in the hearth.
  • Beside No one beside herself was going by it.
  • Bossed Boh Da Thone was a warrior bold: His sword and his Snider were bossed with gold,
  • Busied The female portion of the latter were occupied in preparing a great breakfast in honor of "Marster William's" arrival, while Mr. Middleton busied himself in removing a part of his dark, heavy beard.
  • Sadie
  • Bessie Bessie looked gravely at her.
  • beards Now they were dying before their time, conscious, some of them, that death was near, so that weak tears dropped upon their beards , and in their eyes was a great fear and anguish.