What is the correct spelling for BIAES?

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Correct spellings for BIAES

  • baas Once I snatched the pencil out of the hand of the freedman as he was writing the sentences, 'The horse neighs, the pig grunts, the goat bleats, the cow lows, the sheep baas .
  • baize He shook them in the palm of his hand and spun them on the baize , clipping his fingers sharply.
  • bars You were forced to go on forward-and now your path is closed with bars of iron!"
  • base The cold wind threw dust against their legs as they crossed the open space to the base of the steps.
  • bass The bass rumbled on.
  • bias But even an insignificant unit of a constitutional country, with perhaps something of a slight personal bias in the direction of democracy, could not allay a thrill of lively anticipation of what the day would bring forth.
  • biased "When she isn't biased by personal feeling.
  • blase I thought I was too old and too blase ever to become seriously interested in a woman, above all in a girl, but-Do you remember when Ma and Allie came to Dallas that first time?
  • boise The largest band is located near Fort Boise on the Snake River, to the north of the Bonacks.
  • bose In cholera epidemics Dr. Bose advises the daily use of an ice made from the pulp of the ripe fruit, the object being the regulation of the functions of the intestine.
  • bs Joe pronounced this word, as if it began with at least twelve capital Bs .
  • Bases During the late war, at the army bases in France, the British government maintained official brothels; but if you published anything about this in England, you ran a chance of having your paper suppressed.
  • Bays The place is a little inland, and there is not much fishing carried on there, except in bad weather in winter and spring when the men go to fish in the bays.
  • Beaus I wish, Octavia, that you could think of something besides beaus all the time."
  • Biases It is this quality in patriotism, and in war as its stimulus, which largely and naturally biases our view.
  • Bis And the audience in chorus shouted, "Bis!"
  • Boas We were muffled up to our ears in sealskin coats, furs, boas, and so forth, and were piloted over the wet and slippery deck to our stateroom on the upper deck, which we wished had been on the under deck, as it was continually washed by the "wild waves."
  • Bayes "Aye," Edward Bayes interrupted, pausing to wipe his beard against his sleeve.
  • Bess Bess ventured to touch one with her thin little fingers.
  • Bears In the wilderness one occasionally finds a tree on which three or four bears have thus left their challenge.
  • Bees We worked away as busily as bees, and before Mr Talboys returned had already secured most of the doors and the lower windows.
  • bites In some rare cases the large number of bites on a limited area of skin may be followed by infection with pus-producing organisms, giving rise to small abscesses which may terminate in ulcers.
  • banes "What get ye there but the dry banes o' morality, upo' which the win' o' the word has never blawn to pit life into the puir disjaskit skeleton.
  • baits But Josh always had an eye for this, and was ready to ease the boat's progress, or in a bad case to back water, while Will's quick clever fingers pounced upon every hitch, shook out the line, and sent it down fathom after fathom with its hooks and baits clear to lie upon the bottom.
  • bakes He said something about the clam-bake, but I had really got so sick of everything in the fish, fowl, or vegetable line, that a curiosity, more or less, was of no consequence, so I said I should know how I liked clam-bakes better when I had seen one.
  • bares As a sign of his reverence, his esteem, his respect, a man bares his head.
  • BIA But as he was dropping off, he remembered a certain promise he had made his wife, and he said to the Bia , "If the Moglung comes and finds me here, you be sure to waken me."
  • BIOS In 1919 Roger Williams working in Chicago University was struck with the bearing of Wildier's work on the vitamine hypothesis and formed the theory that Wildier's "bios" might be the water-soluble vitamine "B." He proceeded to test out this theory and demonstrated that extracts of substances rich in the "B" vitamine had a marked effect on the stimulation of yeast growth.
  • BAILS She turned the cows into the paddock beside the bails and took the pail of warm, sweet-smelling milk indoors.
  • BABES Many women were seated on the ground, working, nursing their babes, and listening attentively as to a sermon.
  • BATES Thank you, Mr. Bates .
  • BOARS He once tells his friend Tacitus, who seems to have rallied him on this failing, that although he has killed three boars, he much prefers to sit, tablets in hand beside the nets, meditating in the silent glade.
  • bales He must have thought I was mad, and Madame M. probably imagined I had suddenly lost my wits, when she saw me plunge out of the motor, race towards one of the bales , tear it from the carrier's back with a violence that nearly upset the man, and then, throwing my arms about his neck, embrace him.
  • bikes I waved away his objections, causing the runabout to swerve, terrifying a pack of guests who were taking a ride on rented bikes around the property.
  • bides An' if he bides here, I'll e'en flit by the first blink o' the morn."
  • abidingnesses
  • abjections
  • adiosing
  • adjies
  • adjudicatures
  • all-firedest
  • ambidextrousnesses
  • archaicisms
  • archnesses
  • coolheadedness
  • coolheadednesses
  • discardings
  • discommending
  • discommends
  • discommodities
  • disconcertions

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