What is the correct spelling for BIASD?

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Correct spellings for BIASD

  • baas "Ole baas Tolver stood at the door looking for Harry, and he give a shout for him to hurry; and the Kaffirs came over the crest of the hill.
  • bad That is too bad .
  • bard And, finally, Mr. Williams said in relation to re-birth:-'About the years 1780-1820 there lived an old bard in Glamorganshire who was actually a Druid, though he professed to be a Christian as well, and he believed fully in re-birth.
  • base Yes, I want you to-coat, collar, and tie; so that I can sketch your neck down to the base of the throat.
  • based It is because my only hope in the future is based on the fact that, at last, I have courage to declare myself.
  • bass Jethro Bass runs things in this state.
  • bast The ground should be kept even and mellow during the summer, and the vines neatly tied to the trellis with bast or straw.
  • baste Baste with melted butter and a few drops of lemon-juice.
  • baud Both baud rate and bps refer to the rate at which the bits within a single frame are sent.
  • bawd Ay, truly; for the power of beauty will sooner transform honesty from what it is to a bawd , than the force of honesty can translate beauty into his likeness.
  • bead With great difficulty, for the light was still bad and I was shaking like an aspen, I got my bead on the largest buck.
  • beads With an intense desire and interest she looked at the beautiful beads , but madame's face was troubled and sombre, and she said almost reluctantly- Arenta, I am going to make you an offer.
  • beast This a lesson learnt from the City of the Seven Hills-this is the mark of the Beast .
  • bias No doubt they are prompted to this view, in the first place, by bias , namely, by the desire to think that they can know of the existence of a world outside themselves.
  • biased The fight for leadership had biased his judgment.
  • bid You should not be afraid to bid , sir."
  • bird The dog and bird had become great friends.
  • boast It would be something to boast of considering what a poor thing she is.
  • Bis Pavit oves Cithiso qui sub bis Praesule bino Atque lupi rabiem movit ab Aede trucem.
  • Boas It was also a certainty that there was not on the whole mountain-top a single snake, as even boas fall prey to these invincible little warriors.
  • Baird Miss Baird was interviewed.
  • bids The brave man plants himself on the eternal foundations of truth and justice, and bids defiance to all the forces that would drive him from it.
  • birds Birds flying from the land became our game at this time.
  • bits Perhaps they might think my goods were not equal to Mr. Adie's or those of other merchants, and they might give a few fish in that way to these merchants in order to get money with which to clear off their little bits of accounts there.
  • BIOS By this method she confirmed Williams' view that the "bios" of Wildier was apparently identical with vitamine "B" and that most yeasts require this vitamine for their growth.
  • BSD
  • adjies
  • adjoinings
  • discommodities

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