What is the correct spelling for BIGEST?

If you mistakenly typed "bigest" instead of "biggest", fret not! Here are a few correct suggestions to rectify the error. You could try typing "biggest", "largest" or "greatest". By choosing any of these alternatives, your written content will aptly convey the intended meaning.

Correct spellings for BIGEST

  • baggest
  • barest The survivor had the barest means of survival.
  • basest She expressed her basest desires to him and he did not reject her.
  • beget The new policies will beget positive change for our organization.
  • behest The chief executive officer of the company was fired at the behest of the majority shareholders.
  • best He is the best football player on the team.
  • biggest The biggest elephant in the world is named Jumbo.
  • bigot He was declared a bigot after his hateful remarks against a particular community.
  • bikes My friends and I love to ride our bikes along the scenic trail.
  • bisect
  • bizet I attended a performance of Bizet's Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera.
  • bluest The sky is the bluest I have ever seen.
  • brest The island of Brest is in the Brittany region of France.
  • digest The stomach breaks down food to help you digest it.
  • highest The highest mountain peak is 14,410 feet tall.
  • hugest The hugest man in the world is his brother.
  • nighest
  • sagest He was the Sagest Man in the Land.