What is the correct spelling for BIOYS?

If you intended to type "bioys" but misspelled it, there are a few possible correct suggestions. Perhaps you meant "boys", referring to males. Alternatively, you might have wanted to write "bios", the plural of "bio", which refers to biographies or a short version of biographical information. Double-checking can help avoid such errors.

Correct spellings for BIOYS

  • Bays The boat was anchored in one of the secluded bays along the coast.
  • bias His bias towards his favorite sports team made it difficult for him to remain impartial when discussing their performance.
  • BIOS In order to start the computer, you need to press the BIOS button.
  • Bis I'll sing the bis after the first chorus.
  • Boas Boas are non-venomous snakes commonly kept as pets.
  • boors The guests were surprised to see the boors at the party, as they were expecting a more sophisticated crowd.
  • BOOS I heard a loud "BOOS" from the audience.
  • boss My boss gave me a deadline for the project.
  • bows She wore a beautiful dress and accessorized with a pair of matching bows.
  • boys The boys were playing video games in the basement.
  • buoys The fisherman checked the buoys to see where he could find the biggest catch.
  • buys She always buys a bag of chips when she goes to the store.