What is the correct spelling for BIP?

If you meant to type "bip" but ended up with a misspelling, there are a few possible corrections. It could be "bit", referring to a small piece or amount. Another option could be "big", meaning large in size or significant. Lastly, "bib" refers to a garment worn by babies to protect their clothing.

Correct spellings for BIP

  • bap I needed to bap the apple before I could eat it.
  • bi The prefix "bi-" means two, such as in the word "bicycle."
  • BIA The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) is responsible for providing services to Native American tribes throughout the United States.
  • bib I grabbed a bib from the dispenser and put it on.
  • BIC I own a BIC pen.
  • bid Please bid for our auction items.
  • big We went to the grocery store for big supplies.
  • bin I need to get a bin for this garbage.
  • BIO With 26 titles and over 2,000 articles, "Bio" magazine is the go-to resource for anyone curious about the
  • Bis I only have room for one Bis on my plate.
  • bit The computer is having a problem with its bit.
  • biz The business biz needs to get on board with the new technology.
  • blip I almost hit a blip on the road.
  • bop I'm going to bop him on the head with this rock.
  • BP The BP oil spill disaster caused extensive damage to the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.
  • dip She decided to dip her feet into the cool water of the lake on a hot summer day.
  • hip I had a hip replacement last week.
  • kip Let's go for a kip before dinner.
  • lip He bit his lip as he watched the heart-wrenching scene unfold before him.
  • nip The cold air made me feel a nip on my nose.
  • pip I heard the sound of a pip as the small bird flew over my head.
  • rip The sound of the rip in her pants was loud and embarrassing.
  • sip I need to sip this drink slowly to make it last.
  • tip Put some money in the jukebox and tip the pianist.
  • vip She was given VIP treatment at the airport.
  • yip I just saw a yip in the bushes.
  • zip I need to zip my luggage before leaving.

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