What is the correct spelling for BIPOLER?

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Correct spellings for BIPOLER

  • babbler The true artist knows that his hero must be a character shaping events and shaped by them, and not a babbler about literature.
  • battler The ears that leaped from the solid head, the sharp pointed nose with large nostrils, the wide mouth of a great fish, the shaggy brows and eyes of the fighter, the thin gray cockatoo rise of hair on the forehead as if grasped by an invisible hand-all had about them the signs of the battler , whose defiant motto might appropriately have been: "Don't bump me!"
  • bible That's in the Bible !
  • bile Allus makes my blood bile to dis day whenever I think of de way dey treated dat chile.
  • biped The pony was sitting on the ground, erect, after the manner of a biped .
  • bipolar A field of diffusion may be monopolar or bipolar .
  • blooper I'd pulled a blooper , but how was I to know until too late?
  • boiler Smoke, you boiler factory, smoke!
  • bole She supposed it to be one of the labourers, and in a sudden terror hid herself behind an ash-bole on the brink.
  • boole We, as from the mountain top, will then become their trumpeters, and cry glory to De Morgan and glory to Boole , under Him who is the source of all glory, the only good and wise, to Whom be glory for ever!
  • bottler Norah formed a fast friendship with a cheerful subaltern in the Irish Guards, who was with them for a wet fortnight, much of which he spent in the kitchen stoning fruit, making jam, and acting as bottler -in-chief to the finished product.
  • bowler Besides this celebrated garment, Mary was adorned with a bowler hat with enormous brims, not unlike that affected by Mr. Weller the Elder as Cruikshank depicted him, and so redoubtable a pair of butcher boots as literally made the earth tremble under her.
  • brawler But this man, David Sassoon, the Calabasas gambler, quondam cowboy, and chronic brawler , stood in some way close to the different Morgans, and was reputed to have got each of them, at different times, out of more than one troublesome affair, either by sheer force of arms, or through his resourceful cunning.
  • broiler A huge broiler propped against a stick driven into the ground held a chicken whose skin turned a delicate brown in response to the warmth of the blaze.
  • buckler While the giant was gone for his club, Tom turned his cart upside down, taking the axle tree and wheel for his sword and buckler ; and excellent weapons they were on such an emergency.
  • bugler I have frequently called a flock of the birds into a thicket at sunset, and caught running glimpses of them as they hurried about, looking for the bugler who called taps.
  • butler As the chief butler remembered not Joseph, nor did he succeed in escaping from prison by securing influence at court, so is the influence of Joseph himself now become vain, although he was the father of Pharaoh and lord of all his house.
  • byplay And when she was not speaking, she was forever acting; introducing a million bits of byplay to replace the old statuesque poses.
  • dipole W.A.C. was achieved by February 1948 with about 50 watts of R.F. into a simple dipole antenna.
  • doppler But many of the celestial bodies have velocities so much greater than a hundred miles per hour that these may be detected and measured by means of the Doppler principle.
  • kepler The case of Kepler is the classic instance.
  • polar The North Cape is in reality an island projecting itself far into the Polar Sea, and which is separated from the main-land by a narrow strait.
  • pole The men seemed to be carrying something slung between them on a pole .
  • ripple But when they got to the edge of the brook the only sign of her was an increasing ripple on the surface of a little pool.
  • spoiler For Time, the spoiler , hath been there.
  • tipple When a waiter had managed to place a little table near her, on the balcony itself, she found things very pleasant, and indeed considered it quite brave to tipple and sup afresh, while waiting for that man to be guillotined close by.
  • tippler Harry was no tippler , he never got intoxicated; but he would sit and smoke and sip and talk with a friend, and tell him all about it till the white daylight came peeping through the chinks in the shutters.
  • Baffler Abject of sinners is that sensitive, The flesh, amenable to stripes, miscalled Incorrigible: such title do we give To the poor shrinking stuff wherewith we are walled; And, taking it for Nature, place in ban Our Mother, as a Power wanton-willed, The shame and baffler of the soul of man, The recreant, reptilious.
  • Ripley An investigation of the nationalities in the city of Chicago has been made by Professor Ripley , of Harvard.
  • BPOE
  • BIOL Hydra fusca, Hertwig, Biol .
  • paler Mart listened with interest, his face growing paler as he proceeded.
  • suppler Her fingers were suppler than her mother's, and she scarcely spoke except to answer the latter's querulous questions.
  • baler "Yes," said Will, who was working hard with his baler .
  • disjointednesses

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