What is the correct spelling for BIULD?

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Correct spellings for BIULD

  • bald "I have heard a new note in English music," observed a middle-aged, bald and lively-looking man, who was sitting on the opposite side of the drawing-room in Berkeley Square.
  • baldy I'm going to cut around Old Baldy and try to beat them to it.
  • ballad On the Tragic Ballad.
  • balled "And the date of the Norman Conquest was A.D. 1066." Jackson balled his fists suddenly and closed his eyes.
  • baud As soon as his errand was made known a baud of ruffians lynched him.
  • belt How did ye get th' belt?
  • bid No, they would never go like that and not bid me good-by.
  • bile Well, to bile this yarn of mine down, I rode through those woods and around the settlement most of that afternoon.
  • bilk The whole meeting, in fact, was what is vulgarly called a bilk.
  • bill I guess we better be moving along, Bill.
  • billed Plays were given annually by the senior class, an example being the 1925 production of "Home Times" billed as "very attractive" by the Herndon News-Observer.
  • billet Doggie, clean, refreshed, comfortably drowsy, having explored the village, returned to his billet, and looking at it from the opposite side of the way, for the first time realized its nature.
  • billy I wondther if Billy O'Hare's in bed?
  • bind The men standing round, and knowing Simon well, might turn away to hide a smile; but Simon knew the Lord had found him, and uttered the very word which could bind him for ever to Him.
  • bird When I awoke, the sun was shining and a bird was singing just as if nothing had happened, and I thought I had been dreaming an awful dream-but there was the wound on my head and I was alive.
  • blt
  • boiled Boiled down, it was plain he could give only one reason why the float had been such a mess.
  • bold I would only say that, if he felt it dangerous to be seen in the company of Jesus, it was a bold thing to visit Him at all.
  • bolt Sonya Borisovna sat bolt upright in her chair, staring at the blank wall again.
  • boulder After partaking of a boulder of pemmican, E-tuk-i-shook went east and I west to examine the lead of water for a safe crossing.
  • bud From this one bud the upright leader will grow.
  • build Withero said we ought to save up and build a house to keep it in!
  • builder This gear is driven by a Quadrant which is connected to the top of the Builder.
  • built Then it wasn't for me; it was for himself that he has worked and built up the bank.
  • bulb They found themselves in a black corridor at the end of which a red bulb burned dimly.
  • bulk Back of him was the bulk of a water tank; to the front, and at one side, the station.
  • bull Two came at once, an old bull and a young one.
  • burled They rushed up to the cannon, slew the gunners with the butt-ends of their rifles, or lifted them up by the hair and burled them over the railing of the bridge into the foaming waters of the Inn.
  • gild The gild stood at that time at a distance from the town, surrounded with inclosures; the highway to Hales Owen, now New-street, running by the north.
  • guild This functionary was in the employ of the Corporation, or civil authorities, and on the death of a member of the Royal Family, he was usually accompanied by the Guild of Holy Souls, who walked in procession, bearing lighted tapers and other religious emblems.
  • mild Mrs. Kaye came herself of a long line of distinguished soldiers, and even before her child's birth she had been determined that he should follow in the footsteps of her own people, not in those of his mild, kindly father's.
  • wild It drives me wild.
  • Bailed She bailed and leg-roped the cows.
  • Baled Some of the men suffering most from thirst rushed to the fountain, and baled the water into their mouths, or lapped it up like dogs.
  • Bawled He opened a door and rudely bawled an order into vacancy, but a fear-filled negro's voice answered him in assuring words.
  • Belled It had rained hard over night, and the Liddel was running dark, smooth, and foam-belled.
  • Bled As the women and children frantic with joy rushed to welcome their rescuers the stern-set faces of the Highlanders changed to joy and gladness; hunger, thirst, wounds, weariness-all were forgotten as they clasped hands with those for whom they had fought and bled.
  • Blued Here the eastern sky bleached and the south blued, but the falling temperature froze our garments to coats of mail.
  • Bowled The Baron and the two doctors came back in about five minutes, and the man who had bowled me out was laughingly rubbing it in to the specialist.
  • Bulled I had six heifers bulled when they were one year old.
  • builds Are a trained understanding and a quick comprehension of no use when one builds a dam?
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  • anthropophaginians