What is the correct spelling for BIZAAR?

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Correct spellings for BIZAAR

  • baa Then Gilly began to baa like the sheep.
  • baal Such is the case with Elijah's encounter with the prophets of Baal , as narrated in the Old Testament.
  • baas Now the dog looked wistfully at a closed door, and the boy went on without pausing, with a pang at his heart, and the child sat within with tears dropping slowly on the knitting to which she was set on her little stool by the stove; and Baas Cogez, working among his sacks and his mill-gear, would harden his will and say to himself, "It is best so.
  • baize She eyed him demurely, as she covered with historic green baize her brave harp.
  • bar But just a bar or two, and a space, before the music dies!...
  • bars And they run on bars of iron.
  • base The ladder was immediately brought; but it was impossible to place it against the turret, whose base was in flames.
  • bass This bag he used to give Bass to carry.
  • bazaar The lower portion for the time being is transferred into a grand bazaar , for the sale of the lighter and more choice fancy articles, including European manufactured goods.
  • bear How could he bear it?
  • bias They are simply indifferent to England, with, as I have said, a latent bias towards hostility.
  • bier They mounted wearily, and taking a last look at the figure of the man lying there on his rocky bier , picked their way down to the sloping hillside.
  • bissau
  • biz Thet back-fire did the biz .
  • bizarre I think I know, but I'd like to hear-" "Something that's too bizarre to believe.
  • bizet Bizet wrote other operas besides 'Carmen,' and if these other operas have vanished from the stage, the reason may be that the librettos to which they were composed were not as ingenious and not as interesting as the book of 'Carmen.
  • blazer The boy wore a ragged blazer , frayed flannel trousers, and a very limp Panama hat, which he kept turning up, with sweet-tempered patience, when it flopped over his eyes.
  • boar His sponsors in baptism had doubtless sent him across the sea to chase the wild boar or the rude buffalo, with the ultimate design, perhaps, of founding a brewery in some Western city.
  • boozer Raising his voice so as to ensure silence, he said, addressing himself to Mr. Cox at the other end of the table, 'How very affecting he is now, how severely natural; the innocence of a young girl in her teens is not, to my mind, nearly so touching as that of a boozer in his cups.
  • bozo
  • bursar But he is not confronted by a publican or barmaid; only a grave underling of the college bursar , who silently records "Brown, orange, 2d.
  • buzz The moment she did so the buzz of eager voices began, and during the recess that followed nothing was talked of in the Fourth Form but the loss which poor Miss Henderson had sustained.
  • buzzard Then what do yo' think Mistah Buzzard do?
  • buzzer Professor Locke read this and stood with his pencil poised, when the buzzer sounded harshly; he went at once into the hall; they heard him open the door; and in a few moments he returned, followed by Haines.
  • czar "But the point is, Mildred Thornton, that you refused to stay under the same roof with the Czar of all the Russias.
  • giza
  • liza
  • Bays
  • Bis O sanguis meus, O superinfusa Gratia Dei, sicut tibi, cui Bis unquam Coeli janua reclusa?
  • Boas
  • Barr
  • Saar Seven weeks later, after the settlement of the Preliminaries at Nicolsburg, he was ordered to demand the cession of the Bavarian Palatinate, of the portion of Hesse-Darmstadt west of the Rhine, including Mainz, and of the strip of Prussian territory on the Saar which had been left to France in 1814 but taken from it in 1815. According to the statement of Prince Bismarck, which would seem to be exaggerated, this demand was made by Benedetti as an ultimatum and with direct threats of war, which were answered by Bismarck in language of equal violence.
  • Bears
  • bazaars
  • BIA So the Malaki Tuangun called his sister, who was called Bia Tuangun Katakia, and said to her, "You go outside and prepare a betel-nut for the Malaki."
  • BSA
  • BIOS
  • BOARS Like the common domesticated hogs, they will seek a clay bath to heal their wounds 123 The Rocky Mountain goat has many means of defence, not the least of which is his agility in climbing to inaccessible places 134 Wild boars are among the most ferocious of animals.
  • abjections
  • adjies
  • discommends
  • discommodities
  • disconsidering
  • disconsiders
  • end-angering

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