What is the correct spelling for BKUE?

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Correct spellings for BKUE

  • ague You are going into a healthy climate, away from all fever and ague or any other sickness of that nature; and you are going to a place where the land is bound to be worth four times its present value when the Oregon Pacific Railroad is opened."
  • babe I saw only her; and knew only that her babe was strong.
  • bade As he bade me good morning, he remarked, "I would not like to be in your place to-day."
  • bake You don't have to bake any cakes for me.
  • baku You are going to Baku ?
  • bale We may keep the ship afloat many hours longer if you bale and pump as sturdily as heretofore.
  • bane Yes, I-I-only was your bane , though I but watched, and laughed, and whispered beneath my waters, and let you be for the handling of your fellows.
  • bare In taking her he had provided himself with something the lack of which had left a bare place in his mind for a considerable time.
  • base She had tried, after the establishment of her affairs, to enter, in no matter what capacity, a British base hospital.
  • bate They bate us Irishmen hollow at that fun, I'll allow.
  • baud For example, a device such as a modem said to send at 2400 baud is not correct.
  • baum He works for Baum Brothers and Wright.
  • be What a round, pink little face she had, to be sure, and what a strong, healthy, plump little body.
  • bede Dr Arnold's dissertation on Bede involves him in the discussion of a question on which much skill and ability have been exercised.
  • bee And the well and his nose and his heels were in a bee -line.
  • bide Bide ye in patience, child.
  • bike In New York, hopping around SoHo and the Village, it made a lot more sense to rely on a bike or on cabs, or just plain walk.
  • bile The bile is a yellowish-brown fluid, which assists the pancreatic juice in the digestion of the food, and helps to dissolve the fats eaten, but is chiefly a waste product.
  • bite We'll get a bite and give the horses a feed and a rest at Hosmer's, that's about two miles over the hills here; and then we can go on as far as you like.
  • bk While, for Dickens, compare the way in which Sam Weller's landlord in the Fleet got into trouble with the Tinker's Tale in Spiritual Quixote, bk .
  • blue Come away-come away: this blue world has better things than any in that green, too familiar place.
  • blur He saw the blur of the sloop moving fast towards him.
  • bode And there she bode , weeping strangely; but yet with rest upon her; even as rest was come sudden and wondrous upon me.
  • bole I sat up and heard the whole long descent; but at the end, after the moment of silence, there was no deep boom-the sound of the mighty bole striking and rebounding from the earth itself.
  • bone Bone touched; but they say I'll be fit quite soon."
  • bore It was a bore .
  • bose Now, Bose ," he added, speaking as though the animal could understand every word he said, "you stay here and keep watch; and if you hear anybody sneaking up on us, take after him and hold him at bay till we come."
  • bout Then a lad brings the intelligence that his parent is just recovering from a heavy drinking bout and will be back soon.
  • brie Still another couple of hours and we had reached Choisy-en-Brie, found a stable for our animals, and we ourselves stretched out on our blankets beneath the friendly shadow of the big stone church.
  • bud The brown bud vanished.
  • bug Dose skeeter bug is hongry, he cried.
  • bum An old friend, who had promised to lend him five of the hundred and fifteen already raised, had said on seeing him approach: "Here comes that old bum again."
  • bun The patient Miss Humble receives, when he comes, A diminutive bun ; let us hope it has plums!
  • bur Have not you often and often clung about her like a bur ?"
  • bus The broad-brimmed Stetson disappeared within the cab, and the cab darted off in the wake of the westward bound bus .
  • but But what could one do?
  • buy Why don't you buy the place?
  • bye Still, a place in a forest near the sea called Die Einsame was to me, at least, attractive; and I said good-bye to the Lauterbach I knew and loved, and started, full of hope, for the Baabe I was all ready to love.
  • byte Bergen By Byte has the Norwegian language conference Schools.
  • cue And look here," whispered the colonel, "don't you open your mouth, except to put something into it, till I give you the cue ."
  • duke In that short poem we are made to see what manner of man is the duke , what manner of woman the duchess.
  • ike Now there was a good man, a carpenter and very skilful with his tools, who so loved the oak that he gave himself, and his children after him, the name of Eyck, which is pronounced Ike , and is Dutch for oak.
  • luke Do you remember it, Luke ?
  • nuke
  • puke Like child its mother's milk, He doth gulp down and eager cry for more; Hence dose him well; you'll puke his stomach not.
  • skua We are told of the Skua , that pirate of the seas, that he swoops down upon the fishing birds, at the moment when they rise from the water with a capture.
  • Brae James Fraser, who gave very valuable information, both at the sitting held at Brae , and in a subsequent letter, printed in the evidence.
  • Bub Next came Mr. Bub Ballington, whom the Colonel knew, but pretended not to.
  • Byre I had a bullock showing some symptoms of the disease in a byre amongst ten.
  • Eke John Capgrave undertakes to translate the life of St. Gilbert "right as I find before me, save some additions will I put thereto which men of that order have told me, and eke other things that shall fall to my mind in the writing which be pertinent to the matter."
  • Que She repeated the words, and called him a monster, and at last the man spoke in a shamed way and said: "Que voulez-vous?
  • BTU
  • BU
  • BLU
  • BPOE
  • Bauer The bauer-wagen was much more uncomfortable than the tarantas had been; travelling in it was like gallopping over a bad road in an English farmer's waggon; and, as the vehicle had no cover, the travellers were exposed without protection to the full power of the sun.
  • bluer
  • antipathized

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    keb, uke.