What is the correct spelling for BLIDE?

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Correct spellings for BLIDE

  • bald He was a little bit bald too, already.
  • balder Balder, smiling as of old, took his stand in the midst, and all the others hurled at him weapons, stones and sticks, and even hit at him with their battle-axes.
  • balled The weather on the first day of the game was never intended for cricket, and I have very rarely seen a nose glow quite so gorgeously as the umpire who no-balled me twice in my first over.
  • belie His looks certainly belie his name.
  • bellied "Wal, you yellow-bellied neutrals," he said, his voice cold and his eyes hard.
  • bid To Kurt it seemed to smile at him, to bid him wait for another spring.
  • bide But you've only to bide your time, Sir Gorgius.
  • bile Sez I, "Not a bile !
  • billed These I shipped to the Catskills billed as hydrogen gas.
  • billet I at once saw that it was a snake, and snatched up a billet of wood to make a blow at him; but my friend, who had more experience in such matters, held me back.
  • blade On the top of the plateau grew a singular dwarf shrub, loaded with yellow flowers, and covered by strong sharp leaves resembling the curved blade of a penknife.
  • bleed "Don't move that way, you'll bleed to death!
  • blind There is a will to power that is blind .
  • blinder Blinder than the veriest mole have I been through it all.
  • boiled If salt is put into the water in which potatoes and other vegetables are boiled , osmosis is set up and a current of water passes from the vegetable cells to the salt water.
  • bold It was true that when she remembered how she had been bold enough to kiss him, hot shame crept over her.
  • bride He won't go without me; besides, he's waiting for the bride ; we must have the bride ; she's been promised to us."
  • build Charge your brain with the points or ideas and build the words around them.
  • builder J Carrier Sprocket Gear, 10 T. K Builder Motion Worm Shaft Sprocket Gear, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 T., dependent upon the Number of Yarn.
  • bullied If he had thought that bullying would frighten her he would, I believe, have bullied her, but he knew quite well that it wouldn't.
  • elide
  • glide Awoke myself from a nose-dive glide I caught myself but you've lost all pride – Are You Coming (With Me) by madness
  • lid If I kick it with y'all I'm just pushin for a bid But what was on his mind, and push him to the lid – Kick, Push II by lupe fiasco
  • lied Everybody knows that they've lied Everybody knows that they're guilty Resting on their conscience eating their inside – Freedom Time by Lauryn Hill
  • slide We just let it all slide, When we both knew inside – Everything I Knew by busted
  • Bailed The Second Balkenende cabinet fell prematurely on June 30, 2006 after the D66 bailed out over objections to Rita Verdonks handling of the Ayaan Hirsi Ali citizenship controversy.
  • Baled The freight rates are usually less upon baled mohair than they are upon the sacked material.
  • Belied And his appearance must have belied him, for he was clearly in excellent spirits, with not the most distant intention of being overcome by faintness.
  • Belled
  • Bled
  • Blued
  • Bulled
  • bolder He is as bold or even, bolder than he is cunning.

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