What is the correct spelling for BLOWDRY?

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Correct spellings for BLOWDRY

  • baldly He found that he could not adequately depict the expression on the two faces; he could only explain baldly that John seemed very much in earnest.
  • baldy Quit your crowdin', can't you, Baldy !
  • belfry Under what remained of the belfry tower behind the rampart of sandbags the grey-painted 77 mm.
  • bladder Early in February, 1798, Casanova was taken sick with a very grave bladder trouble of which he died after suffering for three-and-a-half months.
  • blade Sperver drew the keen blade of his hunting-knife.
  • blare The trumpet's blare , the cymbal's din?
  • bleary Colin Joyce writing for Spin wrote: "Built, like many of the band's best tracks, around Cisneros' thunderous, distorted basslines and the bleary haze of Pike's Tony Iommi indebted guitar snarls, 'The Clarity hearkens straight back to the drone-y, stone-y tunes that the band was working on when they were teenagers.
  • bleed Now, the play is to get you compromised with this girl, and then bleed you for all they think you'll stand for, so they get you off on an island somewhere alone with this girl-I don't know if it's really an island, or whether that's just a name they've got for it.
  • bleeder The Bleeder , an upcoming American film
  • bloat Code bloat is the production of code that is perceived as unnecessarily long, slow, or otherwise wasteful of resources.
  • bloater Additionally, while the bloater is associated with England, kippers are associated with Scotland and the Isle of Man (the Manx kipper).
  • blood I thought I was ashamed of the blood in you.
  • blooded Twenty carriages of all kinds and thirty blooded horses wuz in his stables, them stables bein' enough sight nicer than any dwellin' house in Jonesville.
  • bloodily That he would be gladly invested with such a character, and that he would act most furiously and bloodily in it, is evident from his journals; but that he is only a private man, and even as such his influence small, is surely a happy circumstance for our native country.
  • bloody The front of her dress was a bloody mass, and her hands were red.
  • blot A slight haze filled the air, not heavy enough to blot out the stars; but sufficient to promise hoarfrost at least.
  • blotter Raids are variously accounted for by those who suffer: now on the score of punishment or revenge, as in the case last mentioned; again, for the purpose of "covering the captain on the blotter ," i.
  • blow-dry
  • blurry
  • blurt
  • bold
  • boldly
  • bolero
  • bollard
  • boundary
  • lottery
  • Balladry According to critics reactions following an exclusive listening party on August 1, 2013, Closer to the Truth is "a healthy mix between punchy, uptempo dance tracks and big, emotional balladry", while the first half is "stacked with dance-floor anthems", and the latter features "mid-tempo songs and slower numbers, where the lyrics and melodies are highlighted".
  • Bled The doctor came and bled him at the arm, and sent him to bed.
  • Blued
  • bloods He had fought tooth and nail against the prejudices of some of the blue bloods , who had never heard of James Conlan in their lives and had looked him up in Burke in vain.
  • bloodier All the blood had abandoned her charming face, leaving it whiter than marble; her beautiful arms hung lifelessly on either side of her body as though their muscles had suddenly relaxed, and she sought the support of a pillar, for her yielding limbs almost betrayed her. As for myself, I staggered toward the door of the church, livid as death, my forehead bathed with a sweat bloodier than that of Calvary; I felt as though I were being strangled; the vault seemed to have flattened down upon my shoulders, and it seemed to me that my head alone sustained the whole weight of the dome.
  • bolder