What is the correct spelling for BLUNTY?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "blunty", fear not! Here are some plausible alternatives to consider: bluntly, blunted, blunter, blunge, buntly. Double-check your intended meaning and context to ensure you choose the correct suggestion.

Correct spellings for BLUNTY

  • blintz
  • bluet
  • blunt I refuse to take the blunt object.
  • blunted The traumatic experience had blunted his emotions, leaving him feeling numb and detached.
  • blunter I think I hit myself with a blunter.
  • bluntly I bluntly told her that I didn't like her choice of clothing.
  • blunts He always smokes blunts when he's hanging out with his friends.
  • blurt
  • bounty The bounty for his capture was significant.
  • brunt I had to bear the brunt of the criticism when the project failed.
  • bunt I bunt a groundball to third base.