What is the correct spelling for BOASS?

If you've accidentally misspelled "boass", don't fret! Here are a few possible correct suggestions: "boss" for a supervisor or manager, "bass" for low-pitched sound or a type of fish or "bias" for a personal inclination or prejudice. Double-check the context to ensure you select the appropriate term.

Correct spellings for BOASS

  • baas My baas at work is always willing to lend an ear and give good advice.
  • bars I love to go to bars and listen to live music.
  • base She plays baseball because she loves the base game.
  • bass Bob's bass is bigger than Bill's.
  • basso The basso singer had a rich and sonorous voice that filled the concert hall with his deep, low notes.
  • Bays The group of tourists enjoyed kayaking in the calm bays along the coast.
  • Bears Primary school children are banned from feeding bears on school property.
  • Beaus I always wear Beaus to formal events.
  • Bess Bess is my grandmother's middle name.
  • bias Some people feel a bias against those who are different from them.
  • BOARS I saw a herd of boars on my hike today.
  • Boas She wore a magnificent necklace made of golden feathers with boas.
  • boast She would always boast about her accomplishments to anyone who would listen.
  • Boats Many people enjoy fishing on boats.
  • Boers The Boers are a brave people.
  • boise After going through Boise, I'm ready for the desert.
  • boors The boors at the party were unbearable.
  • BOOS The crowd let out a chorus of loud boos when the visiting team scored a controversial goal.
  • bose I always bring my Bose headphones when I go on vacation.
  • boss I'm afraid I must insist that you leave immediately. Your boss is waiting for you.
  • bossy I'm not bossy, I'm the boss.
  • bows My dad gave me a really bows-tie for my birthday.
  • boys The boys were playing catch in the park.
  • brass In order to make the device more durable, the brass was plated.
  • buss I saw the buss coming down the street towards me.