What is the correct spelling for BODDES?

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Correct spellings for BODDES

  • abodes In bidding this last adieu, my heart is filled with fond, yet melancholy emotions; and still I linger, and still, like a child leaving the venerable abodes of his forefathers, I turn to breathe forth a filial benediction: Peace be within thy walls, O England!
  • adjoinings
  • all-iteration
  • am brought out
  • am buoyant
  • am buried
  • am on one's tail
  • amount to be asked
  • are convenient
  • are desirous of
  • baddies
  • be developed
  • Beds Shriek and curse and shout; Death-beds lying about.
  • bidders A funny scene ensued; for while Billy ran to collect the boys, Ned dismantled the armory, and Hal disposed of the weapons in the most effective manner, on trees, fences, and grass, where the bidders could examine and choose at their ease.
  • biddies But the biddies had been securely locked up, and try as they would, they couldn't find a way in.
  • bides So with my wife to Mile End, and there drank of Bides ale, and so home.
  • bids 4681. You can sell them to any person who bids a higher price than the laird offers?
  • boarders With some of, my boarders it would be natural enough, because what could you expect?
  • boards Coming to a conclusion after some deliberation, he pulled two long boards up from the church steps, and, giving the gun to Silas to hold, he carried them to the middle gable of the building, on the side looking towards The Locks.
  • bode For this Venetian has now, I bode, Something of evil more, When once Amaury hears all that has passed.
  • Boded He had look in his face that boded ill to any that might oppose him.
  • bodes And up the stairs of the turret came the soft steps of Haco, and stealing near to the King, he said: "Arm in haste, for the bodes have come breathless to tell thee that Tostig, thy brother, with pirate and war-ship, is wasting thy shores and slaughtering thy people!"
  • bodice The bodice she fitted closely and shaped into a long point in front, and the skirt she gathered and allowed to fall in long folds to her feet.
  • bodices So quickly had the flowers been transferred to the bodices that the male portion remained in ignorance.
  • Bodies Yet these bodies are not actually fixed in space.
  • BODS
  • bonds I believe I may have given you bonds for something very like double the amount of all you ever advanced to me.
  • boodles But no," sighed Boodles; "we can't.
  • bootes Have you heard a rumour that he is going to marry Miss Bootes?
  • borders In most of these late editions only the pages with cuts have borders, and these of the nature of picture frames, as contrasted with the old historiated borders.
  • Bots In Ireland, salt is a well-known common remedy for bots in the horse; and among the poor people, a dose of common salt is esteemed a sufficient cure for the worms.
  • buddies They were the two greatest bunkies and buddies of all the world.
  • buds Those confounded buds were always bursting.
  • dis enthralling
  • dislikes intensely
  • doeth dishes
  • doeth for one
  • doeth honors
  • doeth level best
  • doeth like
  • doeth lunch
  • doeth right by
  • draw attention
  • draw bead
  • odds And what's the odds, anyhow, as long as we're both interested?
  • ODES When Li-loe returned a little later Kai Lung threw his two remaining strings of cash about that rapacious person's neck and embraced him as he exclaimed: "Chieftain among doorkeepers, when I go to the Capital to receive the all-coveted title 'Leaf-crowned' and to chant ceremonial odes before the Court, thou shalt accompany me as forerunner, and an agile tribe of selected goats shall sport about thy path."