What is the correct spelling for BOOTEGA?

If you've been struggling with the misspelling "Bootega", fret not! The correct term you might be looking for is "Bodega". Bodegas are small convenience stores, commonly found in urban areas, where you can grab snacks, drinks and various household items. So, next time you're looking for a quick stop, remember, it's spelled "Bodega".

Correct spellings for BOOTEGA

  • Bodega I stopped at the bodega to get some snacks for the movie night.
  • Booted The security guard booted the troublemaker out of the bar.
  • Bootee The baby's feet were kept warm in their soft bootee.
  • Bootees The baby kicked off his bootees while he was sleeping.
  • Bootes One of the brightest stars in Bootes is Arcturus.
  • Bootleg The police officer confiscated the bootleg DVDs being sold on the street corner.
  • Bootlegs The vendor on the street corner was selling bootlegs of popular movies.
  • Ortega Ortega was the last name of the famous Nicaraguan revolutionary and politician, Daniel Ortega.