What is the correct spelling for BOSIS?

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Correct spellings for BOSIS

  • basics Now, if-if you doubt this will work, just look at Chicago, which ended social promotion and made summer school mandatory for those who don't master the basics.
  • basis Thought makes slow progress without a basis of feeling.
  • bass Once more the porter came, and I ventured a second bottle of Bass.
  • bliss We ne'er failed To throng about with love's fond arts, And bring you presents from our hearts; Your pleasure filled our day with bliss; Oh what a different one from this!
  • boise During the spring and fall salmon runs, many Northern Paiute evidently crossed the Snake River and fished in the Boise and Weiser.
  • bose The old gentleman's feelings may be imagined, when, in the commencement of the sermon, he saw Bose quietly trotting along the aisle, in full view of all the congregation, with the wig in his mouth, not stopping till he reached the familiar pew.
  • boss A man that can't recall even the name of his boss!
  • bossism In Pennsylvania the Greenbackers had demanded that currency be issued only by the central government-not by the national banks-and that measures be taken to curb monopolies; the independent Republicans had revolted against Cameron, and demanded civil service reform and the overthrow of bossism; and the Democrats had elected a governor of the reformer type, Robert E. Pattison.
  • bossy Then she seated herself beside Bossy-Cow and began to milk.
  • buss It is only joined to the mainland by a narrow neck of shingle that divides Buss Creek from the sea.
  • oasis The heath was an oasis and a refuge; I rambled about in it until my feet and legs were wet; then I sat down to let them dry and altogether spent several agreeable hours at that spot, pleased at the thought that no human fellow-creature would intrude upon me.
  • sis "Sis-I was going without saying good-by.
  • Bases Both of them are square at their bases, and preserve this form to a sufficient height to admit of two tiers of narrow windows, separated from each other by little more than a simple string-course.
  • Bis This is not very extraordinary; for the Latin bis, twice, which you still hear at our concerts, likewise stands for an original dvis, the English twice, the Greek dis.
  • Boas The forests here are entirely different from any we had seen elsewhere; and the stories of their being the abode of large boas and poisonous snakes, make the effect still greater on those who visit them for the first time.
  • Bosses People were polite to their bosses, she pointed out, even though they were perfectly sure that they could do a better job than the bosses were doing.
  • Boris Today it was allied with the return of Boris and his ship, and he thought this event might atone for whatever was repugnant.
  • Bess An' now Bess is dead.
  • Boils When it boils a second time, add a little more water; and afterwards take it off and skim it again.
  • Borzois
  • bows Sidney breathed, "They aren't holding bows-they've got atlatls!"
  • boosts "To-day I have put the Works into a new Combine which makes me a Janitor so far as the Plant is concerned, but boosts me into the Charley Schwab division when it comes to Collateral.
  • boasts "It's Mrs. Parmelee Stebbins," said I. "She boasts a salon, and has to have what are called lions, and she's been watching Mr. Carpenter out of the corner of her eye ever since he came into the room-trying to figure out whether he's a lion, or only an actor.
  • buses In the road beyond the station, a number of carts and carriages, and a couple of closed buses, were collected.
  • boys I wish I could sit up talking to you boys.
  • basins I descended and walked into dozens of gullies and rocky places, and I found some small holes and basins, but all were dry.
  • BSDS
  • BOOS Then came scattered boos and cries of disapproval from various points in the stands.
  • bozos
  • bosoms We shall sit with lighter bosoms on the hearth, to see the ashes of our fires turn gray and cold.
  • busies Criticism without accurate science of the thing criticised can indeed have no other value than may belong to the genuine record of a spontaneous impression; but it is not less certain that criticism which busies itself only with the outer husk or technical shell of a great artist's work, taking no account of the spirit or the thought which informs it, cannot have even so much value as this.
  • abidingnesses
  • adjies
  • anilities
  • discepted
  • disconcertions
  • divulgements
  • ex-citable

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