What is the correct spelling for BROPLEM?

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Correct spellings for BROPLEM

  • bradley Tarleton took Mr. James Bradley prisoner; the manner in which this was done, and the subsequent treatment of Bradley , are well deserving a place in this narrative.
  • brawler Certainly-and you will give nothing to yonder brawler .
  • bridle Then the music stopped as a couple of mounted police drew bridle in front of the astonished guests.
  • broadloom
  • broil Drain, season with salt and pepper, dip in crumbs, and broil .
  • broiled He was summoned in a few moments by the same girl who had greeted him; and she also waited on him at table, placing before him in turn his steaming soup, a platter of fried bass and smoking sweet potatoes, then the inevitable broiled canvas-back duck with rice, and finally home-made preserves-wild grapes, exquisitely fragrant in their thin, golden syrup.
  • broiler A three-pronged birch fork makes the best broiler .
  • brolly
  • broom She swep' up some like her broom was a branch an' the wind a-switchin' it.
  • brothel Folly will me lead to London to learn revel; Yea, and Conscience is but a flattering brothel ; For ever he is carping of care: The world and Folly counselleth me to all gladness, Yea, and Conscience counselleth me to all sadness; Yea, too much sadness might bring me into madness.
  • droplet 23 13. Apparatus for forming ascending or descending drops of liquids 27 14-20. Formation of a drop of orthotoluidine, showing the droplet .
  • problem If you have a problem with that you have a problem with the way things are and have always been.
  • propel In its extent and importance, when compared with all the devices of man, it may be likened to those great principles which guide the movements of the universe, contrasted with the contrivances by which men produce particular results for their own convenience; and one might as well expect to move a planet by machinery, or propel a comet by the power of steam, as to preserve the semblance of order in the moral world, without those fundamental principles of rectitude which form a part of the original constitution of every rational being.
  • triple Scenting, blow the triple team; See!
  • triplet We crossed scores of short steeps, and descended as often into the depths of dry, stony gullies, and then finally entered a valley, bounded on one side by a triangular mountain with perpendicular sides, and on the other by a bold group, a triplet of hills.
  • tropism The tropism concerned is the food tropism , but what is gained by calling the search for food common to all active animals a tropism , and how is the search for food before the food is perceptible to the senses, before it can act as a stimulus on a food-sensitive substance in the body, to be compared to a tropism at all?
  • Brawled The next day, crossing several ranges, with glorious scenes of surpassing beauty everywhere around us, we came in view of a mighty and swift torrent, whose bed was sunk deep between enormous lofty walls of sandstone rock, where it roared and brawled with the noise of a little Niagara.
  • Bridled Danny was found, roped, saddled and bridled.
  • Brooklet By the side of the brooklet that he knew of he threw off his coarse garment, let the cool water flow over his body, washed himself carefully and with much enjoyment, stroked clown his thick hair with his fingers, and then hurried down again into the valley.
  • Tripled Prior to 1777 there were only five towns in Uruguay, but within the next five years the number tripled.
  • Belem In the same year Gil Vicente is appointed overseer of works of gold and silver at the Convent of the Order of Christ, Thomar, the Hospital of All Saints, Lisbon, and the Convent of Belem .
  • Ripley General Ripley spoke with the greatest confidence of being able to repulse any other attack of the same sort.
  • bridles He had them both by their bridles and dragged them skilfully to their feet and up the bank.
  • broils Have you no shame, to stir up private broils In such a time as this?
  • broilers There's a great demand for broilers at Flagstaff, and the Harvey eating houses would give us big money for any quantity of either eggs or young chickens.
  • propels
  • triples

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