What is the correct spelling for BUDAH?

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Correct spellings for BUDAH

  • bad Was I very bad?
  • bade And, having picked up his hat and stick, Mr. Bates bade them good night.
  • baht It's just fifty baht each.
  • bat There are two, for instance, in the Basel Museum which could not be surpassed; studies in silver-point and water-colours of lambs and a bat outstretched.
  • baud Another story is that Dumal is derived from Duma, the name of a gateway in Baud town, near which they dwelt.
  • bead Nor is he a gentleman, pointing to Davy, and holding his head to one side to get a bead on him.
  • beady At the same instant, coming apparently from nowhere, four canvasbacks suddenly appeared over the clamoring decoys, so close in that, as they came driving by the blind and rose slightly, wings bowed, Marche could almost see their beady little eyes set in the chestnut red of the turning heads.
  • beat Her heart beat fast with excitement, as it often did these days, when she heard them talk of the war and the men who went away, perhaps never to return, or to return with great glory.
  • bed Go back to bed, dear.
  • bede As a specimen of the first order, he selects Bede.
  • beta Have the Beta procedure.
  • bid You're better than any pipe, but I'll smoke it, and I'll go down, yes, I must, and bid them good-by.
  • biddy You're right enough, Biddy; 'tis himself, and no other; it's a turn he took to devotion since he grew rich.
  • bide I could bide nowhere.
  • blah I just go blah.
  • boat If I couldn't make a better boat than that....
  • bod Marbod, my companion's brother, was one of the strongest of our number, and we were obliged to force our way like chimney sweeps by pressing our hands and feet against the walls of the narrow rough crevice.
  • bode There was a dull smoulder in his large bloodshot black eyes which seemed to bode trouble.
  • body It was her heart, her mind, which was sick and tired, not her body.
  • bud "Mick Ross 'n Bud Morrison were in here, couple of nights ago," Steve went on.
  • buddha Looking at the people kneeling, from the side, you can't see the Buddha, and, looking at the Buddha, you only see the peoples' backs.
  • buddy Galactics, of whatever race, were aloof, polite, reserved, and sometimes irritatingly patronizing-never buddy-buddy.
  • budge I thried t' move a han' but it wudn't budge.
  • burgh Nothing of any moment transpired in the world of scandal of this little burgh, but it was known to Frau Ilsy.
  • burt John Burt, a New England lad, goes West to seek his fortune and finds it in gold mining.
  • bush Every bush was reduced to ashes.
  • but But you ain't going to join us, you say?
  • butch Sandusky, that big fellow, with the crooked jaw-Butch, they call him-and his jaw's not half as crooked as Sandusky himself, either.
  • butty I'm Bill Thomas' butty.
  • judah Yes, He is the Lion of Judah, and the true Captain of all true crusaders to-day.
  • purdah When we left the school Mrs. Gardner said she would take us to see some purdah nashin women-that is, women who never go out with their faces uncovered, and who never see any men but their own husbands.
  • utah This ain't Utah, nor yet Salt Lake City, be it?
  • Bah "Why, the little body loves him," thought Hilton; "and I had hoped-Bah!
  • Butte Then the Gordons went on to the Butte de Warlencourt.
  • Beulah The mother and sister gazed at the word, and Beulah spelled correctly C-H-I-C-A-G, but made eight wrong efforts before she found the closing O. In other cases, she did not notice that the word was completed, and was trying to fish up still other letters from her mind.
  • Burch Mrs. Doblin could hardly wait until Judge Mackinnon was out of the house before she hurried down to see Lawyer Higgins, and Mrs. Kinsey did not wait until the Judge was ready to go, but put on her hat in his presence, so eager was she to hurry down to see Lawyer Burch.
  • buds Were there any buds on the trees?

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