What is the correct spelling for BULER?

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Correct spellings for BULER

  • bale The water flow was very strong, so we had to bale continuously, night and day, for we dared not let it rise.
  • bell 9246. Did anything more pass between you and Mr. Robertson or Mr. Bell , about leaving the ground or about being bound to fish?
  • bile 14. What is the bile ?
  • blear These casual interruptions to his privacy had so frequently occurred since the commencement of his tour, that he only included them amongst his other Irish "disagreeables;" and so he was preparing to enter on another paragraph, when a very decisive knock at the door startled him, and before he could say "Come in," a tall, red-faced, vulgar-looking man, somewhat stooped in the shoulders, and with that blear -eyed watery expression so distinctive in hard drinkers, slowly entered, and shutting the door behind him, advanced to the fire.
  • blue "i, i, Sir," the Mate answered and sung out to one of his 'prentices to take the blue -light box back into the cabin.
  • blues Writing always does give me the blues .
  • blur Obstacles may block my path And Darkness blur my way.
  • boiler Any kind won't do in a locomotive boiler .
  • bole The window looked across to another world where, behind a fine old sycamore that took on alluring colour of bole and bark and leaf, stood a club through whose colonial doors men like Morgan Wallifarro went in and out.
  • boulder Nasmyth felt more or less contented with everything, as he lay upon the Tillicum's deck listening to the faint murmur of the swell upon the boulder beach.
  • bowler "So many thanks, Mrs. Arbuthnot, for a really memorable evening," said the Church, with a wave of a somewhat unclerical bowler .
  • buber Buber says, As we become free ...
  • buckler He shall cover thee with his pinions, And under his wings shalt thou take refuge: His truth is a shield and a buckler .
  • bugle If they want us back at the yacht they will probably blow the bugle .
  • bugler A delegato orders the bugler to sound the "disperse."
  • builder And, as he wandered forth on that adventure, seeking for a house, one Saturday afternoon, accompanied by Violet, Ranny fell into the hands of the Speculative Builder .
  • bulge This gave the whole transaction a touch of the romantic, and suggested possible "hold-ups" in a way to set Monty's eyes a-bulge.
  • bull His bull "Porty" was sent to Inverury, and took the first prize.
  • bully I had not been three hours on American soil before I heard a charming young lady remark, "Oh, it was bully !"
  • bur Such experiments having been made, it is found that if the sides of the steel punch are nearly at right angles to the face of the letter, the bur produced is very inconsiderable; that at the depth which is sufficient for copperplate printing, no distortion of the adjacent letters takes place, although those letters are placed very close to each other; that the small bur which arises may easily be scraped off; and that the copperplate is not distorted by the condensation of the metal in punching, but is perfectly fit to print from, after it has undergone that process.
  • burl She 's been a secret these five year; stuck t' her tighter 'n' Erne Moore holds th' gals down t' Pickanock dances, 'n' that 's closer 'n' a burl on a birch.
  • butler General Benjamin F. Butler had a seat back of me, and frequently, when he desired to speak, asked me to change seats with him for a time-my seat being nearer to the Speaker of the House and a fine place wherein to stand and from which to be distinctly heard.
  • buyer All that I can say is that they are still to be found, and that my client is still a buyer .
  • euler Already, in the reign of the martial Frederick, the men who put most weight of authority into his contempt of Germans, -Euler, the matchless Euler , Lambert, and Immanuel Kant,-had vindicated the preeminence of German mathematics.
  • ruler No doubt you also gather, Dirrul, who is the real ruler of Vinin.
  • Abler The more I have considered the study of politics, the more I have found it full of perplexity; and I have contented myself, as I have in my religion, with the faith in which I was brought up, regulating my own conduct by its precepts; but leaving to abler heads the task of making converts.
  • Blew She blew him a kiss.
  • Blued The heavy blued octagon barrel bore an inscription which he deciphered-the maker's name, and the patents under which the arm was manufactured.
  • Bela Almost all the gentlemen and a number of other people besides, as well as Bela and Rassak, had been examined by him.
  • BL Every now and then one of the does would leap forward and head off one of her fawns as he headed into the big ring, when like a flash he would whirl in his tracks and away with a bl-r-r-t!
  • BLU In 2006 Blu 3 got back in the studio with their longtime producer and manager Steve Jean and recorded the full-length album Burrn.
  • Bauer After numerous important contributions to scientific knowledge, at the age of seventy-four he composed his celebrated Cosmos, the first volume of which appeared in '45 and the fourth in '58. To Varnhagen von Ense he wrote in 1841: "Bruno Bauer has found me pre-adamatically converted.
  • bluer Can the sky in Italy possibly be bluer than this?"
  • burlier
  • bulkier It was easy to surmise that he was speaking not of guinea-fowl but of some bulkier game, for he pointed at Stas' short rifle and afterwards put his fingers on his head to indicate horned game.
  • bulgier
  • baler Moreover, a short, steep, choppy sea had been raised that proved very trying to us, the boat driving her sharp stem viciously into it, and throwing frequent heavy showers of spray over herself, that not only drenched us all to the skin, but also necessitated the continuous use of the baler .
  • bluet And here are some bluet , the violet roosters' little pale-blue hens.

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